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like megaman megaman megaman video games and comics
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maybe eddies insides is like the Tardis small outside but huge inside
excellent use of julius caesar for the titlte of this comic
Don't the links have multiple cane of whatchamacallit that leaves blocks in place
You get a bob-bomb, you get a bob-bomb, EVERYONE gets a Bob-bomb!
contestants @ dhk
i ask what would you have done if your characters had not wished to compete i would have threatened to destroy them
of god ..... NOT THE THEME SONG!!!!!!!
when you find that rubble is always falling in the exact same place you know ...
you are in the twilight zone
the megas
the megas are a group who have made several songs from megaman two one and a single from three they can be watched on youtube
and so they take on their respective bosses...except the out of story characters
what is funny about that is when i was in 1st grade i had wool jacket and looked like a sheep i called myself sheepman.
i wonder if thats where capcom got it from?
i mean he IS the author he can control anything in the comic so why can't he just do it. i say it is for comedic relief of some sort
refernce to back to the future
i would but my supervisor won't let me
double negatives ... nice
star trek
seven of nine was ex-borg who later joined the crew of the star ship vyager captain of said ship is captain katherine janeway
bubble lead
okay so i was wrong about the junk sheild but reffering to the alein and heat man bubble lead is the most effective weapon against them
junk sheild?
mabye it is the junk sheild Trivia:the junk sheild encases megaman w/ junk and he can release it as a weapon against in this case sonic