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Sorry for the delay on this page, I had a busy work week, and it may be picking up again soon, not sure, I am trying to stay ahead of the comic, not always working out.
I will reupload a toned version this weekend, I had a photoshop mishap that lead to this page being done twice. Top on my busy week and I had little time, so I will tone this sucker on Saturday!
Sorry once again a Thursday update.

Enjoy~ Till next week!
Sorry for the wait on this, Work will be hitting a deadline soon so I may not be able to update regularly for the next 3 weeks. I will try my best to do so though!

Enter: The Queen

Follow me on tumblr for regular updates on work load and comic related posts. There is also a tumblr soley for Among Gods now as well! or

Next comes bargaining :D

haha yes, I wanted to try and make their relationship very sibling-esk. I based a lot of their bickering on me and my own brother.
Page 12!

My baby is getting yelled at. She can't handle people not liking her. She's breaking down.
Sorry for the delay on this page, holiday weekend and all.
I have a new place on tumblr I will be posting the comic:

I haven't started uploading Part 2 yet but I will be in the next few days. My plan is to stop posting on my art blog and only on that for the actual comic. But I will still be posting her on Smack jeeves.

Page 10.

I want to thank everyone for their comments and support over the last couple of weeks! It's been a bit of a whirlwind but I love seeing people comment, it keeps me going! I started this comic back in 2012 to improve my art and get actual skills together so by the time I was ready to tell the real story of Among Gods I would be good and ready.

After flipping back through Part 1 I have defiantly seen an improvement. Lots of mistakes and things I've learned. But as always, It was always the readers that made me go on.

So thanks!
Page 9.

Stay tuned next Wednesday for another page. :)

Any one know how to make the web page a bit more customization? I have an idea what I want it to look like but all the code is lost on me.
Bonus Picture, I finally broke my art block that was hanging around *confetti*

Also Today's page will be delayed, but will still come out today, just a bit later then normal. I decided to change up some art last minute.
Sorry I didn't update last week I meant to throw up a small photo but didn't...

I haven't truely broken my art block yet, I am hoping soon. I have so many things floating in my head that need to be on paper (or wacom)

Anyway, stay tuned next Wednesday for updates!
I lost my grandmother this past week and it's taken quite a toll on me...I am not super happy about this page, I was trying to rush it out but had no motivation to actually draw or color.

I am hoping to get back in the swing of things and get myself a head this weekend.

Tune in next week.
Payment's received

Check in next Wednesday for updates!
Chapter 2, Page 4

The ferryman and his ferry which is constantly changing sizes...haters gonna hate.

Check out my tumblr for daily sketches and annoucements:

And check back next Wednesday for another page: Payment is required.
D: Poor bunny!!

Interesting first page, great art style and lovely shading!! I shall put you on my watch list :)
Adorable little Muppet!!

Be sure to swing back Next Wednesday for the next page! :)
And we're getting started :)

This week is a double feature, two pages this week, be sure to check back on Wednesdays for updates!
Erebus and Nyx aka: The supremes from the House Nyx

Sorry for crappy quality I am uploading from my phone.