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i luv to draw!
and anime!
and manga!
and fanstuff!

banner pic!
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Since SmackJeeves wants to be petty with its sizing laws, i gotta post a stand in picture.
I know it has been EONS since this web comic has been updated. I actually don't expect anyone to really see this, but i had just finished a contest and i used my old oc from this comic. I hope to anyone who remembers this, that you enjoy this picture.

Here is the link to the dA upload of it
ahhh it took me a while when i started reading again for me to know who was who
it's been two years since the present i thought i was never gon see this dude again!
but here we are
yooo i really thought i was never gonna see him again!
he so dramatic in that last panel ;7;
So we not gonna talk about her getting beat the heck up some pages ago?
I mean ok fam
yoo this child got me WEAK
@akira16: don't spoil it man...!
@akira16: you doin too much, past me.
But please protect that cinnamon roll.
@akira16: again with you, past me? Let it go hun. Let it go.
Yo who's daughter is this? I'm dead.

Also snitches get their legs broke
@akira16: protect her funny self
@akira16: For real, past me. I really feel you.
@akira16: dang right, past me
@akira16: why are you so complicated, past me?
@akira16: I like her too, past me
@akira16: same, past me