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Well, I draw stuff xD. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's weird. You decide.

If you like the stuff I've go up here then here's my Devart site if you're interested.

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    If I told you I'd have to kill you...
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@Chasyn: I'm also updating on Devart if that helps. ubmit_new=10%253A1442095270
@Ginger: Sorry, for such a late reply. I stared working three jobs and it's just gotten a bit hard to remember to update on 3 different sites.

You can also go to my deviantart page to read the comics ubmit_new=10%253A1442095270

ALso, I'll look it up, thanks!
I feel terrible. I'm settling down now in my new jobs but it's been a bit rough. I might start updates here someday again but honestly it won't be for a while if I do.
I've decided I'm gonna pull my comics from SJ for a while and see how things work out on a different site.
The site is still under work but I'm hoping it works out. If ya still wanna follow the comic please click the link =)
It's only illegal if ya get caught.
@Ginger: They do actually have swords in the game and use them.
@nijineko: I think it depends where in southern Cal you live. I live in a desert and it either gets over the 100's here or low 40's with dry air and tons of wind most all the freaking time lol.
I'm soooo sorry for such a long wait. I've been extremley busy with work and helping at events. I'm typically update my devart with what's going on rather then the news thing here.
Sounds good to me.
I love sandals face in fourth panel, It's like sassy in a way that says "Exxcuuse you".
It's not fat, it's his just the fabric of the tunic poofing out a bit.
Seriously I like this comic lol. I hope this review is good. It's been a looooong while since I've been here reviewing again.
The page image is broken on my end, not sure if anyone else sees it or its just me
Welcome back!
Good to see an update, no worries about being late, totally know how work can get T_T.
I've had a major art block recently, Think I'm finally starting to break through it. Sorry for the long wait
Awesome, I love that last panel.
@spikeman168: I tend to change certain enemy sizes so it seems a bit more intimidating.
I love Sonic's face in the second panel xD
@arswiss: Thanks! Just sent ya note =)