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lol, yup yup i know
but she's also not human! ;)
lol, yup!
good analysis! XD
lol, yup! XD
thanks DarkArtistSkye47! :D
lol, i never said love, but "Great Love".
i personified it :)
thanks YUI! :D
lol, yup! XD
aawww thanks Unbelievable
yeah, he does look like him XD
Thanks mappy41!!!!! :D
lol, yup! XD
thanks Lompsfairy! :D
aawww thank you Shishi Beru! :)
Thanks neko-sama! ^_^
Thank you for the beautiful comment! ^_^
Yeah, as I was drawing him, I thought to myself "Shit, he looks TOO MUCH like sasuke! O__o"
but there's some slight differences though (green hair and no emotions)
Yeah, you'll see her act up! XD
February 16th, 2011
End of Chapter 1! :)
She's amazing!!!
cute and badass!!!!!! XD
thanks! :D