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well...i live in Iceland and i hate working.
i love drawing and i love to build all kinds of stuff that comes to mind, computing, eat and specially draw... hmmm, i said that already didn't i? XD
I'm in school and i like it, i mean who wouldn't, as long as i am in school i don't have to work so much ;P
everyone who likes cultra is awesome and gets a free imaginary ice cream! \(^0^)/
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yay!! first to comment ^^
awesome work as alwais and congrats on the 777 fans you have! and quoting to the pixies: "if the devil is 6 then god is seven" hehhe :3
great page!
and wraarr to Aryssa >3
September 23rd, 2010
wait she can see herself in the mirror :O
omg i thought vamps couldn't see them self in the mirror :S
last panel is awesome i loled ;D
another page!
Llladies and gentlemen!
behold the 21st page of that Fantasy!
I'm sorry for not being able to update sooner!
but that's going to change soon (i think).
i hope you like, even though i made countless errors in this page,
like the ink thickness and such!
so uhm... enjoy ^-^
August 30th, 2010
this is really good :D
it's not often that i find such
an awesome comic on smackjeeves!
the story is good and the art is really good to!
keep up the good work! i wanna
just read through all of this,
and it's really good :D
strange that you don't have any more fans than this :/
finally a new page!
yes it's true!
I finally i managed to update a page!
life has been literally hard this month.
I've been working my ass off trying to get money to buy a computer,
i literally have been working 14 hours a day,
so i had no time to draw :/
well... i really hope you like this page,
i put an extra effort making it and toning it!

you're exactly right! ;D

thanks :) and yes, i would take bubblegum route to,
'cause it sounds awesome, then again i'm not Leon or orb haha :D
this page is great, the hair, the position... just awesome!
great work man! ;D
page 19!
well here is page 19 of this comic!
I'm sorry about this lame talkative page,
but i had to introduce orb formally :D
as this is one of my first comics
i am pretty happy about reaching 8 fans!
and i am thinking about what i should
do when i reach 10 fans, any ideas?
and blackhoodcomics, i hope you like! :D
wow! cool chamber!
the details are awesome :D
this is just freakin' AWESOME!
you're just like a pro,
no let me rephrase that, you are a pro :D
i really wanna see more :P
+fave ^-^
haha yes i did :D
how about creating another funny comic?
i love your humor XD
GO HATRED AND RAGE!! whooo \(^0^)/
muhaha i love tha black knight >D
go kill'em all XD
haha awesome, i love the revenge part XD
"you owe me moneyh!"
+fave! put more pages in, i wanna
well... i finally managed to update a page!
it's been so hard trying to work on this comic
and deal with work!
but i am going to try to update 2 pages in this week!
so be sure to check it out ;)
hope you like this page,
(even though i didn't pull any special work on it :/ )

@ SiliconeMage:
haha true XD

@ blackhoodcomics:
and yeah i know it's going really slow for now :/
hey! you're back, yay!!
it's nice to see you again! :D
and now you just wheel the fish in! :D
ouch! i wouldn't want someone to say something like that to me XD
talking about owning a rocket with a sword :D
awesome page man! ;D
haha talking about using the wooden monk haha