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Hi, I'm BlueAnubis, and I'm a writer. I have very little - no artistic abilities (that's why I have others draw my comics for me). I'm into Pokemon, Sonic TH, and Comedy. I am currently a student in college for games programming. My motto is "Always have fun, no matter what you're doing, if you only have fun during the good times, you'll only have fun about 30% of your life."
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I am trying to hatch shiny Eevees. I got 1 out of about 400, working on number 2. if you want to hatch them, look up the Masuda Method.
heh, you seem to know what it is to be a grandparent now. Play games and have fun with the kid until you get tired, then send them back home and take the week off of parenthood. 8D
Eee... you... may want to have that checked out...
Whoo hoo! new fave!
Is V2 blue in the pannel where Dave is stopping? or am I seeing things?
*Record scratch*
Cirveball out of nowhere for the win!
hmm, I find myself wondering who made Clip Woman. Wily, or someone comepletely different?

if Cutman and Splashwoman are brother and sister, wouldn't Bubbleman be too?
Oh no! it's the curse of the people who can't read a map!!!
Red Sirt Guys?
I hope they dont end up like the red shirt guys on Star Trek.
Woo hoo!
Go Barney!
OK, I'll admit that Barney was not my first choice for the winner, but he did deserve it.
A great ending to a great season, and here's hoping that the next season will be better than ever.
lol, I don't know a lot about Survivor, but I did hear about the penut butter and chocolate incident. And poor Knuckles, lol
it's true, Knuckles is sent to Exile for a lot of the plans. at least he likes being alone.

Go team Chaona!
Hmm, it seems like Marc's waterpark plan failed him.
And now for an evil laugh.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!
and now for some random thoughts
Pannel 14: Napalm's situation is definately one of "WTFITS?!"

Pannel 15: Does anyone else think the judge looks a bit like a frog?

Last Pannel: What? you mean that never happened to you while playing Quickman's stage?
I think you are right, Joeman. it makes sence, why else would she call it the perfect opportunity?
I concur, they are indeed LILLYOWNED!
hmm, you make a very valid point.
it looks like Kala is happy thet she was able to beat Riku.
Minerva go bye bye now? please?
this is a great comic, very professionally done. I hope it continues to excel.

*other people staring at me*
hey, was'nt he one of those lunatics that was running around?
*other other guy*
I think he just stopped yesterday.
Canadian Rage, huh? Sounds kinda like a ride at a theme park, Eh?.

and also GO MINERVA!!! GO AWAY!!! FAR, FAR AWAY!!!!!!