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Jaqueline Sparrow-Pheonix
I'm obviously a girl. I like to listen to soundtracks to Broadway musicals. I am currently performing the musical ANNIE with a local theatre group. That is all I'm going to say. The rest is NOT FOR YOUR EYES.
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"Not my division"? You're Sherlockians! So am I!
I lost family to the Holocaust, too. Never forget. Zachor.
What a total Jewish mother! I'm loving this comic!
That was a cute scene. Until the ice lady showed up again.
...Why is Darkseid in the picture? All the others are Marvel characters. He's DC. lol. Happy holidays to you, too.
Her dad's hairstyle makes me think of Sweeney Todd...
Okay, I've been wondering for a while now: Is that guy's hair white or really light blond?
The sigil on his ring's the Batman symbol!
The comic you showed in this strip... it really one of yours? I mean, one you created? 'Cause I'm currently reading it and loving it! And loving this one, too. It's funny.
Lmao. "This. Is. Finland!" sounds quite a lot like "This. Is. Sparta!"
Whoa. Humanoid Espion is sexy!
His sister reminds me of Shego from Kim Possible...That's not a bad thing. Just an observation I made.
Is she wearing color contacts? 'Cause eyes like that are not natural. lol. Love it so far.
The guy in green makes me think of Robin Hood or Green Arrow. lol. Awesome page.
Riding down that hill looks like fun.
You wrote his name backward. Hebrew reads right to left, not left to right. And the vowel's under the wrong letter.
The young man in the top right panel reminds me of Milo from Atlantis: the Lost City.