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i am nervous to be here.


email at: plutonian (dot) winter (at) gmail (dot) com
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your style never ceases to amaze and delight me. so old and lovely looking.
i'm really happy to be able to read this, too. im excited for the next pages.
another small update. i'll try to have another one soon. things are starting to pick up soon, finally. thank you for sticking with things this long, i appreciate it.

direct links:
[27] [28]
hello! i didn't know you were updating here. aah im so happy. your pages look so professional and -so- clean, its unbelievable. i am looking forward to more.
hello. i'm very, very sorry about the long wait between updates. i don't really have a reason other than not being motivated enough. i'll try to do better in the future. there are a few more pages that just need toning that will hopefully go up sometime very soon. until then, please enjoy this update.
a small note is, if the pages do not show up for you, please view them directly:

@ faceofdoomness

Thank you for all of your comments- It was a nice surprise to get such thorough comments on the comic, and i appreciate it. The cover is all watercolour actually. Thank you for continuing to read.
February 27th, 2009
hello, sorry for the lack of updates for so long. Only two pages today, but there are several other uninked pages that i've yet to finish, so updates will hopefully be more regular now.

It'll be a little bit dull while they are traveling through the desert, but hopefully not too much. These pages take a little longer to do, because of painting the sky, but they also end up being some that i like. The toning takes less time though, because the desert is very sparse. Anyway, i hope that you enjoy this update.
oh no : ( that sequence was both unexpected and unfortunate. i feel bad for penelope, but figure that things might turn out okay for her?

as always, the colours and drawings are beautiful and seem to get better through each page.
this page is really lovely, as is the one leading up to it! i really want to know what happens next. the colours, the blues against the oranges and the lightness in the middle is really pleasing. aah i just really want to know what will happen, haha.
oh, this is interesting.. the dragon already intrigues me, and the little blank-eyed child is charming too. i'm looking forward to reading more.
this just gets better and better.. these latest pages have been lovely with such strong colours. i like the look into her personality that i am getting also... im really enjoying the story.
wow the colours on this page are absolutely vivid and i love the way you draw more and more every time. Shes so, so cute too, haha. What a charming girl.
i'm glad the comments are bringing your confidence up, too- you really deserve the compliments you get for this.
ah wow this page is lovely. As always, your style is something warm and soft, and i really like that. Penelope is so cute here! she looks almost like a little girl with stars in her eyes. i'm excited to see what 'Far out mantic' are like too.
i always am excited by your updates. you are also amazing with colours- doing these toned pages is tough, but they are beautiful. i love the atmosphere of the club, and the air hostesses also (i could tell :D ) i laughed about the guy on the previous page (though i still wonder who he is!), Penelope is adorable. anyway, not to ramble too much, i am enjoying this more and more every time you update :)
January 22nd, 2009
another update. i'm fond of this page, i worked hard on it- its a sort of technique that i always admired in old manga, alot of atmosphere and overlapping of images. its something that is easy with computers now, but they did it by hand, and i wanted to do it by hand, too. Anyway, thank you for reading. Please enjoy this small update, everyone.
aa i really like this page, and im excited to see what you will reveal. Enjoying this so much so far, and can't wait for more.
i am enjoying this so much, and this page is unreasonably beautiful. the colours! goodness, its just gorgeous. updates to your comic make me happy.
i really enjoyed reading up to this point. i'm glad to have found this- i'll be checking it out more often :)
im interested to see where this is going. Looking forward to an update : )
this was really heartwarming and, the way you colour and draw is beautiful, and soft , and somewhat dreamy. its nostalgic. your comics are beautiful <3
January 5th, 2009
hello again.

finally here is a little update. Things are starting to get along now, and will just continue from here. Thank you for reading, and as always, please enjoy.