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I draw and write stuff (namely comics) as well as do other nerdy things.
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mmmm TSAC pages :3 Love the blue hues.

I love this page for several reasons, but I think the illustrations are really great and foreboding and perfectly accenting the storytelling! *w* GREAATTTT
I kind of like ALL OF THEM. A lot. I really like the way you are doing this! And the illustrations are really beautiful <3 Can't wait to see more *w*
oh shit!
I'm so sorry! :(

Lesson noted. Will be backing up my shit for the next two days. D:
Aw, thank you so much crunchy. :)
OF course he's okay! ..he can probably fly. That is his deepest secret. The power of flight. OH GOD HE IS PETER PAN ISN'T HE? No?
Oh God this page is totally cracking me up so hardcore. XD Yaay, he tried to save her instead of mad accusations! They both have time to speak while falling off a building XD Especially Todd's "Stop!" Because she can totally help it!
He's obviously smart, though kind of an ass, and a bit hard to talk to, but is he egotistical? I didn't really catch it, so I hope that will not be the outcome "ARE YOU STALKING ME?" D:

Can't a girl take a walk outside on the rafters of a second story or higher window these days without being accused of stalking? What is the world coming to?
I'll give Allison the benefit of the doubt on his opinion towards Hana.
Chapter 1
Alright folks, I thought I'd have more time while the first chapter recycled, but, as no real shock to me, the worst time-manager ever, I didn't have time to draw the REAL two last pages that end chapter one. I skipped an update on Friday and the following Monday to save spaces for the pages I will complete. (Hopefully by next month. Hopefully...) Sorry for the delays in the updates. The next two pages are not severely important at this part of the story, so coming back and reading before Chapter 3 should be okay. Yay webcomics and being able to edit them 4 years late. D:
Sorry for the late page. Forgot the days.
January 1st, 2009
Thanks so much :)
Hope you still feel that way when it changes. :x
December 28th, 2008
Is she making cheesecake? I'm gettin' huuungry!
This is the best Christmas gift of all.
This is a Xmas miracle.
This is better than that one Xmas episode of Saved by the Bell where Zach wanted to date that homeless chick from the mall. Seriously. BETTER THAN THAT!
December 26th, 2008
hahaha, because eating a cook book is the next best thing to eating the food with recipes inside.
Maybe she is just wishing there was more beer left in her mug.
Last Redone Page
Page 1-8 of this chapters are redos, while the rest of chapter one (albeit, the last page or two) will be really old pages, and the art will degrade until somewhere around chapter two. Sorry this was posted late. I just finished redoing this one.