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my favorite games in order of rank sonic legend of zelda fear me for i have the new legend of zelda phantom hourglass anyway mario and then kirby.My favorite song is animal i have become by three days grace. also i wear glasses make fun of me for it and kiss my ass i shall see you in hell .

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    jacob tyra [tieruh]
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if anything needs to be explained it would be where sonic is in panels 3 and 4
happy 100 comics
looking at this deidara made me want to gouge out my eyes *shivers*
heh kitties

you've been scammed off a whip,hacked and no cash and now you have to catch lobsters wow that sucks
he should be happy hes not bleeding or on fire and that has to hurt a lot
i know what you mean my grandfather died recently
dang I have a quite a few symptons of ADD
by god its true monkeys are answer to everything
i could donate a few K and coal im greenfuzion5
i did it and still dont understand why a chicken
yeah i think cackletta is the best mario game villian
i swear i thought it would have been bunnie hop
yeah i prefer milk chocolate but dark chocolate isnt that bad
did that chomp chomp find a super mushroom because hes big
wrong its definatly aipom
bippa use cast shadow and thats a beaver
me playing twilight princess i mean i have no idea