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I've always loved cartooning and always wanted to see my work published someday
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    Mike Robinson
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I met Stan lee at the Calgary Comic Expo and I presented him with a hardcopy of my comic
'The Dragon Fists of Smorty Smythe.'
He took one look and busted out laughing;
"I've got to read this!"
And to crown it all off...he asked for MY autograph!
Hey everyone! Sorry I took so long to get back on track but life's responsibilities take precedence over entertainment! But now on with the conclusion of our tale!
Has anyone noticed that with the exception of Vareen, every suspect the girls have questioned has caused one or both consternation while the guys have caused the consternation (intentionally or not) to THEIR suspects?
Veri's so cute isn't she?
In wake of the massacre in Paris at the Charlie Hebdo magazine company by Muslim terrorists over an alleged Anti-Muslim cartoon, retired ASTERIX artist Albert Uderzo drew this cartoon for the Charlie artists.
Being strongly influenced by Uderzo in my own comic here I was inspired to draw my own and also proclaim;
"I'm a Charlie too!"
And just as I promised, the beginning of a new adventure!
To all the Smack Jeeves members out there.
My readers and otherwise.
Here's wishing all of you Happy Holidays and a Happy New year.
Hey everyone, I'm Back!

Sorry to be away for so long, but life's responsibilities came first and in the new year I will start a new story.

Until then, Happy Holidays!
Sorry, I made a goof!
The pages were out of order.
Go back one page and you'll see the proper order the pages were to go in.
One of the influences that fleshed out my character Smorty Smythe.
Actually it was Vince who told his cronies to claim they were phoney invitations.

Julie may be a Bitch but she was still an 'innocent'.
A little opinion poll time.

Which of the would-be Heirs did you like the most or at least hated the least. Give reason.

Which one did you hate the most. Give reason.

And which one was so-so with you. Again give reason.
It's not so much revenge as putting a stop to these guys once and for all.

And if you think Monks aren't vengeful, check out all the Martial Arts movies like 'Revenge of the Shao Lin.' and films like that!
What suspense thriller is complete without the ominous spiralling staircase leading into the catacombs.
Phyllis just can't catch a break!

Funny you should make that reference to 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air.'
as a fellow cartoonist had done this little tribute to my work.

His name is smkinoshita and his strip is called 'Skull girl and the Super Temps' and it can be found on the
The start of an All New Adventure.
Happy Easter and Passover everyone!!