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I'm a geek. I guess that would be the best short description of myself. I love
Cosplaying,Anime,Manga,Roleplaying,and Gaming. I attend conventions year round and enjoy them thoroughly. I also enjoy doing art (obviously),and writing.

So if you like, feel free to talk to me on here or any of my messengers. ^_^
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This is great. lol
She's got this shit covered.
@Snoozie: Hes none too pleased.
@ZombieBoomstick: Awe hes not a pussy. Damian just snuck up on him. Apparently hellos are just to much work for this D-Bag.
@mr.mushroom: Yeah, his editor is a douchebag. lol

Things should be interesting. Only time will tell. :D
-Eye of the tiger plays- FUUUUUUUCK.

Done now. Booyah.
Five bucks. Woooo! With that he was able to buy a pack of gum for the plane trip he had to make...
Quickly done? This looks great! Excited to see him introduced.
Colette is such a pretty name. <3
I'm going to say what everyone else is thinking.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself bro. Everyone is crazy for a sharp dressed man.
*Offers writer to writer fistbump*
Aw man I love her design. :)
This is in fact fantastic. lol
I drew this a while ago and planned on re-drawing it but here you go..

*I will hopefully be able to re-draw this soon.
Finally got the chance to do this. Sorry for the wait guys. :I
Welcome Back!!
I think some people find it a bit awkward to respond to something so serious on a online comic page so they were hesitant. People should not feel obligated to talk about it if they arn't comfortable. They shouldn't have to worry about being guilt tripped into it. Mourning is something that differs with each person. However her death is a horrible loss.

Now, to get back on topic. You picture is extremely cute. I think Psyduck's face is especially fantastic in this picture. Wonderful. I look forward to the next chapter. I check everyday. lol