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I'm a geek. I guess that would be the best short description of myself. I love
Cosplaying,Anime,Manga,Roleplaying,and Gaming. I attend conventions year round and enjoy them thoroughly. I also enjoy doing art (obviously),and writing.

So if you like, feel free to talk to me on here or any of my messengers. ^_^
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This is great. lol
She's got this shit covered.
@Snoozie: Hes none too pleased.
@ZombieBoomstick: Awe hes not a pussy. Damian just snuck up on him. Apparently hellos are just to much work for this D-Bag.
@mr.mushroom: Yeah, his editor is a douchebag. lol

Things should be interesting. Only time will tell. :D
-Eye of the tiger plays- FUUUUUUUCK.

Done now. Booyah.
Five bucks. Woooo! With that he was able to buy a pack of gum for the plane trip he had to make...
Quickly done? This looks great! Excited to see him introduced.
Colette is such a pretty name. <3
I'm going to say what everyone else is thinking.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself bro. Everyone is crazy for a sharp dressed man.
*Offers writer to writer fistbump*
Aw man I love her design. :)
This is in fact fantastic. lol
I drew this a while ago and planned on re-drawing it but here you go..

*I will hopefully be able to re-draw this soon.
Finally got the chance to do this. Sorry for the wait guys. :I