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Definitely looking forward to watching this progress. Also, I am a very big fan of the first panel on this page.
Well, even if it is only old art filler ... I am glad to see an update from you Maki. C:
- Just wanted to say that I am really enjoying this comic. I love the style that you are using for it, and it's easily my favorite comic I have read here so far. (granted I just signed up the other day)
- But still, very enjoyable read so far and great art!
Hey : )

Dang, I am coming to find that there are a lot of people that I know from DA over here. I just signed up the other day.

Great art as always!
Koleslaw's a pretty handy guy, I don't know that I could make that nice of a detonator.
Page 007. See what I did there? James Bond, 007 ...
Still not satisfied with a couple of things on this page. So, sometime in the future it will be edited a bit.
Drawing people kissing has never been one of my strong points.
'Original Content' coming soon. So much about this page that I don't like, hopefully I will re-do it sometime.
Classic James Bond pose FTW!
I really like the way this page turned out.
Hah. I really liked this transition and how you lead the reader to believe that what you know now was the t.v. was actually what was happening in the house.
Well, here is the first page of this comic.
- I initially was using this sloppy inking style so I could work on the comic faster, but it grew on me and now I actually like it.