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Same. I only found out this year that Cadbury stopped producing them.
IGA is supposed to have the Pink Lady ones but the one I went to didn't have any.
You know what they did have? ...Easter Squirrels.
I should have tried Target.
@Bouncer: I didn't even noticed I had done that until you mentioned it!
February 15th, 2017
I love the serious expression on Sans' face in that last panel.
December 24th, 2016
The city looks great! Really gives off the vibe of hope that Sans' is talking about. It looks bright from the white lineart and large and open.
@Draven22: It's short for 'National Novel Writing Month' ( and is about making an attempt to write a 50,000 word novel (or more) in the month of November.
October 28th, 2016
Alphys should be glad she doesn't appear to fall into the 'went mad' or 'vanished' columns. Although Sans doesn't look happy
August 1st, 2016
Mimikyu! <3
Same here. I love this little creature's story.
Just use safety pins to tighten. That's what I do with the pants which are too big.
Pretty page to end the chapter on.
Gary grew up. He became a pokemon professor and was kind of nice since he put his rivalry with Ash behind him.
Aww poor Sans.

I love the expressions in this comic so much :D
Yeah... he didn't try very hard. On the other hand, is this his version of a heart event? (gosh, wonder what the next heart even will be like?)
Welp... you're in trouble, Sans.

I do love his face in that first panel (he should probably be glad and maybe thank Alphys), and the kid's expression as well
@Sarielle: Maybe Sans won't be so lazy in the face of new puzzles?
King Fluffybuns has arrived.

I wonder what Papyrus thinks of that idea. As a puzzle enthusiast, what is Papyrus' opinion on spikes and lava?
"Sans don't you DARE teleport!" ... At least Undyne realises that Sans could leave whenever he wanted. Of course, Sans wouldn't leave Papyrus.

Also, hello human! What adorable angry faces you make.
Is he tied to the chair or is he about to topple over? Only time will tell.

...actually, the toppling thing could happen either way.
Is that Aster font? (Looks like it but I've only seen the 'z').

This page is so interesting. The way it moves into the outside looking in. The pixel effect looks nice.
Ho ho, yes! Go Grillby! :) I wasn't expecting that but it's amazing!