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Comment on Phase 2 - Page 25 of Red Dog Venue
Angelzora, 19 Nov 2008 11:51 am
Awwww...they're like little kids...having a go at each other like that...XD

Hope you get ur troubles over with <33
Comment on Two-Step: Page 8 of Gaia
Angelzora, 19 Nov 2008 11:48 am
Hey Ted! Haha, just got back into reading your awesome comic (gah, uni's been hectic and I haven't been keeping up with comics T_T). I really like how it's progressing so far and hope that you would continue to update! :D

How's college/uni? Going well?
Comment on pg 254 of Hurrocks Fardel
Angelzora, 16 Nov 2008 05:35 am
All together now! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.... ^__^

Hope the work and job apps are going well for you too :3
Comment on Phase 2 - Page 24 of Red Dog Venue
Angelzora, 07 Nov 2008 05:25 am
lol, not a digimon anymores XD (back to "Zora" XP). update soon, dear *misses MB and her comic*
Comment on pg 248 of Hurrocks Fardel
Angelzora, 13 Sep 2008 12:29 pm
(ooh dear, I haven't been commenting here for a while again D:)

Lovely pages as usual, daidaishar! I especially love detail in the last panel. :) Can't wait for the next update!
Comment on Phase 2 - Page 15 of Red Dog Venue
Angelzora, 18 Jul 2008 01:43 pm
T_T This comic is still full of love! *huggles*
Comment on chapter 3: 127 of Alternate
Angelzora, 02 May 2008 12:12 pm
Epic. Win. =D
Comment on pg 232 of Hurrocks Fardel
Angelzora, 30 Mar 2008 09:59 am

Gah, I haven't been commenting lately...T_T But at least Drake's still being an arse. :D
Comment on pg 230 of Hurrocks Fardel
Angelzora, 17 Mar 2008 02:03 pm
Daw, poor Joan needs more screentime! D:

Yeah, I've been wondering about that guy in the beginning too...(Kyle, methinks...?)
Comment on pg 228 of Hurrocks Fardel
Angelzora, 01 Mar 2008 12:03 am
Hang on? Gah! How?! With cliffhangers like that?!

Hehe...and Teddy looks like a poet in the last panel...^^

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