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This is good. Fav'd.
Saint's the best principal EVEH!!!
More like you have a "Navi"..."Look! Listen!"
Okay. Awesome I have a yearbook page!WEWT!

Also I forgot to put the "an" on the word mean.
Doesn't effect plot... check!
Umm sprites:

Also currently my character would help anyone who would want to ruin the prom. *hint* *hint* He also wants to raise enough money to file a lawsuit against the school for it's somewhat offensive ads.
good job! This is getting interesting...
Nicely done! Also my Windows Media Player started playing the Ghost busters theme... Creepy.
I loved making this one. I look so offended in that comic... Lol.
I just put a little bow tie on the bottom of my sheet so you can... *GASP* make your own! Am I lazy or are you lazy... Probably the former. Anyhow, funny comic.
I thought there was a slug on you at first, but upon further inspection it looked mouthish.
Lol. I thought you were kinda ticked. Anyhow we REALLY needed a gym...
*cough* Look at the author comment. *cough*
A comic.
I made a comic continuing the hellish ride of me by the clone... CLONES AREN'T FUN!

Ok... actually they are..

Anyhow I figured we needed a gym BG so here:

It looks like a gym and if you don't want me to use it ever again on here I will be happy to comply, otherwise we have a gym BG.
They're gonna meet up again. Lol.
Are you being random and making no sense?

Shame on you! ;)
My character isn't knowingly doing it...
I can be like that in real life sometimes.
It looks more like a flower with crap on it... Oh well pretty funny!
From now on, I hang out with Ted when he's at work (and most everywhere else if I can help it) and make his life worse than if he was alone.
Okay, here it is! I call next comic!

And nice comic too.