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I'm a comic artist and illustrator working out of Lund, Sweden. I have two cats, a soon-to-be-husband, and my hobby is reading books about art history, historical events and myths. ^^

I do all my work in traditional media. All but the lettering in my comics.
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    Diana Davidsson
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These next few pages my be disturbing to some readers. Please try to get through them, otherwise I will do a summary of the info dump in a journal later once the pages are over.
Well, some difference... computer drawn images.. woohoo!
Ah yes... Poor poor Lucien.
Goodness, I suck at the updating. But now I have updates scheduled to appear each week for the next 3 weeks.

So, enjoy the next few pages as they appear.
Better slightly late than never.
Late, but I have been super ill with a monster cold.
I love drawing her, seriously.
Don't worry guys, I have not forgotten this comic, it is just that it will always take the back burner after other projects. Here's a new page though! Enjoy.
So let's see if we can keep this up for a few weeks. I have 15 pages more for this chapter, so at least 15 weeks. (One page a week for now, on Fridays!)
As it say. I have been struggling with the middle part of this story (still am working on it) and it is causing delays in the updates. I will try to get these worked out (I have asked for help from my boyfriend who is good at these things) and hopefully I will be able to start a regular update schedule soon again.

I thank you all for your patience and ask you all to please stick with it for a while longer.

//Diana (Omegasama)
Heh pretty twins.
Lovely reunion.
I enjoy drawing the twins. They are really old characters of mine. Had them since I was 14, so 16 years.
So very sorry for the looong wait, now I have more and more time and will be updating more often.

So this page... I cannot draw horses. Not even a little.
And yay! New characters.
And here we have her. Yefa. Lovely dark wife of Nat.
Ah, lateness... But here are some feet... hehe.
Ah yes, sorry for the VERY long wait. I have been super busy. Here's a page though.
Sorry for the long wait for this page. but I've been too busy to draw on this comic.
Ah, yes, Nat's home that took way too long to plan out. Anyway, after a small hiatus here's the newest page.