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Creepy Lurker Fan...
I just checked my favorites for the first time in a while and saw that you updated. Whilst I deleted other comics after two-month-long hiatuses or for no reason at all: I waited for you indefinitely. Because you're just that awesome.
Oh, my!
What a gentleman!
Is it coma time?
I've got a feeling...
Get ready for bad news.
Every time I need to cover something up from now on, I'm just going to scream, "THEY'RE BREAKING DOWN THE DOOR!"
That's my plan.
Very nice. I actually really liked a lot of the body movements. Good job! X3
He sounds like he's off a Western drama. "I seen the way you look at my wife, Ray! I seen it!"
Captain of the Adorable Boo Team.
I am an ass...
Desta evolved into... Bed Potato!
Desta looks like a literal couch potato lol.
David looks so cute in this one!
You and your Springer...
He is quite lovely. I think it's the mustard-mouth that does it.
How do you eat a cyber cookie?
Megabytes! Ahahahaha! I should be shot.
Dude, I don't know where he's going. I love waffles.
I did it! I made it to the most recent page! Fuck yeah! Gimme a prize!
You ruin everything, Mr. Mayor!
Aaaaaaaw! No!
Bipolar freak! Rgh!
That poster is the shit.
He's got his mommy's hair!