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@Falconer: how does that even happen?
random research
That's why there's Google... It comes close to what you're originally looking for, then end up looking up something totally different.
@Falconer: there's always funny things your dog does on a day to day basis
@Falconer: mum says i need to grow up.... growing is automatic, but growing up is optional
i know what it means....
it means: you've made someone really disturbed.....
this is why i give them my cell number not my house number. luckily where i live it's really spotty for cell phone calls and really slow txting responses.
at least give him sum credit
it's as cute as my chihuahua offering me a kibble whenever i was eating cheezits
i kinda like zubats... mostly i love bats
bet ya 10 quids it's a magicarp
man you know someone means business when they crush a lit cigarette in their hand
Let there be kitties!!!
when i get depressed, i was nuthing but kitty videos on you tube, or watch Too Cute! on animal planet.... it works for me at least............
i'd wish our managers we're like this
i work at walmart, thats a whole better than finding a condom in a barbie doll package.... a USED condom..... ya, it's gross
*le gasps* bug catcher clones
wow, he look s kinda cute with glasses on
spoiled lil brat
what i'm still trying to figure out is that the mammal-like pokemon (ex: rattata) lay eggs. the pokemon world really this bizarre
the King returns
somehow this feels like a Lion King parody
he smiled!!
puppy mill
i only use the daycare for breeding