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So... How'd you wander onto my profile? Not much too look at as you can see. Pretty boring.

Im famazing and that's all you need to know bub.

If you'd like to do an art trade, I'd be more then happy:) So just pm me!

Btw, I bite.
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Totally hate you. Lmao
Nah, but the suspense IS killing me. :P
That last panel is so freakin' creepy! Lmao!
September 24th, 2011
"sir, don't eat that!"
Lmfao god, I'm loving this more and more!
They have to babysit there leader<3
School was... terrible. and it pretty much drained the life outa me. I felt like shit. On top of that, i can only come on the computer on thursdays and fridays so i can only post pages on fridays but i'll try to on thrusday. If i ever miss another week again, i'll put up two pages :)
But as for this week... i had like no motivation to draw at all. But now im sucking all my petty problems up and drawing again.

Also, ive just hit a massive style change, so if everyone looks different the next couple of pages, you know why -____-'

And i started a collab. If youd like to join please do~
Name: Yasha ???
Age: looks 7 but acually 183
Race: human
Birthday: November 16
S/O: none

Teaches: Principal of the school as well as teaching Power controlling

Curse: Never grows up [how she got it, not even she remembers]

personality: really happy and perky not much else. Shes never mad at her students. She loves each and everyone of them. Shes very old and has seen many people come and go so she loves to meet new people. She considers everyone her family.

likes: everything

hates: nothing

style: Dresses and something with a bunny and hair always up

-has short term memory loss sometimes
-very bouncy
-loves hugs
-has a drivers license [knows people]
-has alot of connections
Name:Akemi Tusuki Kingaramu
Nickname: Aki
Age: 17
Race: Human
Birthday: April 26th
S/O: Straight
Curse: Her right eye was cursed by a white witch and her left eye by a black witch. Her right eye can turn things to ice and her left can turn things to stone.

personality: Shes very cold towards people. She learned that showing any sort of emotion to someone was useless as they just manipulate them so she trained herself to lose all of her emotions. She has a very blank personality. The only emotion she does feel however is anger. and when she is angry, she goes all out. Its the only emotion shes never been able to completely seal. She has a bad aura but isnt really all that bad a person.
parents/History: From when she was born her parents always had a very bad aura from her and even tried to kill her once. She, however, was unharmed. To get rid of the aura, her parents took her to the witches den. her parents demanded that they fix their daughter. From seeing such terrible attitudes, a black and white witch cursed her, hence her powers. From then on, her parents weren't only scared of her, but also hated her. They waited till she was 10 because then they had a lovely normal son and sent her to live with her great uncle who used to make her work as a servant girl. Her parents got the unwanted academy letter and sent her off as fast as they could.

likes: her ipod, Rock music, Quiet things, people that tend to avoid her her, her curse, The night, black and white, her younger brother
hates: Loud and noisy people, people that talk to much, happy energetic people, (most people in general), Dresses and skirts, The day, sunshine, her name (because it means beautiful and shine), her parents and uncle (most of her family)

style: What ever she wears automatically changes color to either black, white or both.
Always wears either a hat, glove(s), tie or vest. Likes formal clothing or ripped and old clothing.
hair: Her hair is the way it is because of her curse she never dyed it or highlighted it.
She covers her right eye at all times with her hair.

Extra: -She has pure snow white skin.
- Her hair hair alternates color
- She isnt scared of anything
- She falls in love easy but would never admit it to herself
- Her blood is white
- shes color blind

Classes: Please Pick 9
[Mandatory] Language (English, Arabic), Math, Power Controlling
[Elective]Biology, chemistry, physics, economics, English literature, History
Well... Every collab need em. :P
Application :)
Nickname: (optional)
Age: (15-18)



style: (so if another authors want to change your characters clothes)
hair: (optional)

Extra: (optional)

Classes: Please Pick 9
[Mandatory] Language (-Pick two- English, Japanese, German, Hindi, Chinese, Latin, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, french), Math, Power Controlling
[Elective] Religion, Biology, chemistry, physics, art, history, business studies, economics, principle of accounting, home economics, Computer studies, English literature, geography, sociology, environmental management, music.


Please send this application with a picture of your character to BAMchick96 (me)

Thanks <3
Welcome :)
LMAO! Oh yes, pretty boy contest would be HILARIOUS! I wonder who would win :3

Oh poor miz... being blind isnt helpful at all during dodge ball. feeling vibrations arent helpful when your opponent can teleport.
Your so good at shadows and darkness and all that scary hullabloo. Ugh *envies* lol
And I just began reading it too. :/
Ah well...
I hope you get the time to redo it:) if love to see how the story goes!
But... But... I don't have a nokia! D:
Why not make and iPhone app game? :3
@DarklyWhite: lmfao!! Bagtpumds!! XD [I was 1/2 awake and 1/2 asleep and I guess autocorrect couldn't even tell what the hell it was]
And your welcome :)
I see what you tried to do in panel 3. But I only figured it out after I read the authors comment. :/
Emotinal background screentones don't really seem to suit this story and your bagtpumds are very very good and expressive on their own so I don't think doing that is nessesary.

I'm reallly loving this story. :)
I went back to the first page and then looked at this page again and I was flabergasted my how amazing your art is now! It's crazy:3
And the pencil looks good! You can barley see it. And when you can it really adds to the effects
September 9th, 2011
Poor guy! There both so confused, :/
They really don't know what to do anymore.
September 9th, 2011
I saw this on the updates and saw there were no fans and 80 pages. The banner looked very good so I wondered why there were none. Then I see you had added 80 pages in one day. I was a bit suprised since I've never seen anyone put up so many pages at once!

The story is spectacular ad I could go on and on about how brilliant your art is! Really amazing story you got here! I'm hooked. I'm really excited to see what the next page holds. Consider me your first fan<333
Yeah... late replies from the page before -.-

@Koolkatt: LMAO! Mhmm! Im like.... addicted to them! But when they are ugly your just like "nuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!"

@OUT: Thank you bro <333
Mhmm. So you finally get to see this guy. He was hot.
totally. Well then. Im happy with