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Umm well I am a Scottish lolita.
I adore anime and manga and reading online comics!
I am a huge j-rock fan!
I adore the Japanese culture and fashions! <3
I love yaoi!!
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D: Let him grope! He is damn sexy!! :D
literaly squealed out loud!! Awww he is soo cute I wanna plushie of him!!<3
Adore it!! <33

Keep it up!!!!
AWWW!!!!! ^______________^

Too cute!!!! ^_________________^

Happy frog face is happy
Aww I love him! ^-^
I adore this story!! Keep it up <33
OMG! Its a really good page!!!

He looks soooo amazingly cute in the first panel! <333
Aww poor Ariel <3
I love the pout! <33

Cant wait for the next update! -bounces-
I lov Flounder shes way too cute X3
First ever coment on smackjeeves for me! lol and its for you!!

Best comic ever! o.o I love this comic sooo much cant wait for more and more and more updates!!! X3

Don't ever stop, please!?!