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I know the feeling, Astir. Good choice. =A=b
Inside my head I went "He wants your sausage, Astir! Run!"

...and then I attempted to purify my mind.

But anyway, free candy. Amroth, where is your white van?
FFFFF. That face. OAO

C'mon, Bob! Berserker Mode ON. ...unless you're the gentlemanly type to tell 'em "Scram or else." :'D Then just hug Emi.
Noooooo not the perfect housewife!! D8 -chunks life potion- ...oh wait, will that mean Astir and Jidai have to nurse him now...? Does that guarantee Sensei will die...? OAO
It's love, Katerfield. Young love.

Be a MAN, Astir! Aim for the crotch. >:
Oh crap, c'mon Astir:
A. Die
B. Bean him with a rock :D
C. Falcon Punch
...goodbye Astir.
Ahahaha, you live! YAY! xD Oh Paris...OTL
Astir. D: He has a SECOND SHOE, for Hobo's sake!
Nay, Astir will sleep on the windowsill.
April 16th, 2009
The wolf looks friendly. :D
He's reaching for the SHOE. Run, man, run for your life. DDD:

lol, so adorable. xD
February 9th, 2009
He did what!? Burn the knave! D:

Love the angle~
Very smooth. What now, Jidai, what now? xD;;