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I enjoy making plushies and jewelery that I plan to sell on Etsy. I draw in my FREE time. I'm a full time student so I do not have a lot of time to devote to comics or drawings. So please be patient.
I enjoy videos games and board games as much as anime or manga.

Season: Fall
Color: Orange
Game: Kingdom Heart2 and Jack and Dexter 2
Band: And One and VAST
Style: Retro Punk
Subject: English and Art
Month: March
Book: Nightlife
Type of Music: Industrial metal and punk
I really like your comic but I cant read the last panel. Ever.
Happy Holidays
Just a little something I did over Christmas when my family was over being gay. ;A; I hate throwing parties. But I liked my dress this year! ;3

Addy is asking what a Christmas is because in her world they don't have a "god" like that. They celebrate winter as a Yule Ball and Festival. Its really cool. Don't worry, I'll let you see what it looks like. ;D
*happy dance* Page two! I love my lack of background. ;A; Forgive me, I do this all in paint and do not have the patience to draw background to fix on there. haha hope you like it.

Meet Addy's room-mate and best friend.

Also the poster in the back is done by my twin brother who drew something to put there. ;A; Thanks bro~
I love this already. Its going to be a great piece of art, I just know it. :3
Omg good luck there Reilly.;A; You should just say your sorry and beg for forgiveness.

Also thanks a bunch on the comments love. They mean alot. I'm working on the next two pages.
I'm so sorry~ Nee~ ;A;
Please keep in mind I am out of any digital program and did this all in Paint for the time being. =A= I wanted to do this all in color (for some reason) but realized that would be pretty much impossible since my Paint skills clearly lack. So if I wished to do a page in all color I would have not tones and what-not.

Please don't be mad, I know it sucks.
*hides in corner*
Whoot 2 updates at once. :D *happy dance*
Well this is my page break. I simply used a rough sketch of Adelaide in her guard uniform coat thingy. >D>; I really enjoy drawing her hair. Neee~

The words are from my favorite comic (of all time) Little Queen. Its a chapter name but I loved the wording so much I wanted to just use it as a saying instead. I'm such a dork. I hope Yeon-Joo Kim doesn't get angry. Haha.
Okay so...I'm soooo sorry its really shitty right now. I did this on crappy paper then did all the tones and stuff in PAINT. Srsly, I did all this crap in paint. Which is why it looks so bad. I will fix it once I get my photoshop for Christmas that my oh so loving boyfriend got for me.

Sooo~ meet Adelaide. She looks really stupid here and I'm sorry about that. Nee~ =^= I was going to color in her eyes but what was the point when
1. it was all going to be in black and white and
2. it was going to get redone in like a couple weeks? xD

Hope you like it. This is the first time I will be posting anything of mine (comic wise) on the 'net.
:C I can has non filler anymore? Pwease?

Hope your doing alright. I noticed a lot of the people who were in the constellations colab stopped working on stuff. Did you all go on strike? lol
not dead?
I really hope this isn't dead. :C I've been look forward to it.
I really like this. :) I'm glad you posted this on your DA so I could find it.

I have some questions also. Do you use photoshop and do you just scan this then mess with it or do you just draw with a tablet?

Also, I will post my comic soon. I gotta find some of the first stuff of it. xD