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i was high on sugar when i named thes guys.
i hope you like this!!!
she sound's like someone i know
January 26th, 2007
wow they run fast....
January 25th, 2007
i feel sorry for the princess cause those two are kind of stuped.
this doesn't make a lick of sense but its funny
thats it!*smacks silent_ninja with a mallet so hard he flies to the moon*that is why you DON'T mess with people i know
not any more it anet oh %@!& i have to update today!!
zhao u know better then to slap me.
hmmm...hehehe..that will do. but first * snaps her fingers and Cloud&Zidane apper looking very scared*
[Cloud] the horror,the horror!
[Zidane] S-she sent us t-to her h-home world b-before Zhao t-tryed to s-save us.
[me] yep, I hope you guys liked my family! btw zhao thoese are decoyes they will exploed in 3 senconds.
I can use magic.
[me] he's cute when he scared.*cuddles Zidane*
[Zidane] *crying* help us
[Cloud] *crying to* please
cool thanks!
[Zidane] mmhf!!
[me] don't talk with your mouth full!*smacks him with a paper fan*
what does "ANTI-MAGIC" mean?
[me]hey want me to teleport to my dimension and make u a mansion to?
[Cloud&Zidane] HELP US, PLEASE!!!!!!
bye zhao.*disipears, grabs zidane and cuddles him*
[me] hehehehe*takes zidane to anthor dimension*I live in a mansion there!^.^
COOKIES!!!!!!!!*bracks bars of cell and runs up to kitty* can me and cher have a cookie, please?
[Zidane] uh oh.*tackles zidane*
[Cher] copycat!
[me] sorry cher it's just that he didn't think i tackled people. l mean i'm on the football team soo it make's sense. right?

P.S. I don't have AIM...yet.
*Zidane&Cloud try to slip away again*HEY!*catchs them*
[me] are we going to have to put leashes on u 2? appery so.
*puts leashs on them that only me&cher can take off*
[me] i love haveing magic.
[cloud&zidane] well we don't!!!
[me] don't that i have magic?
[cloud&zidane] YES!!!!!
we arn't abuseing them. we're cuddleing them. it's the excit oppeste!
*cuddles Zidane while cher cuddles Cloud*
YAY! thanks cher...hmm...we should get r wedding gowns.*wraps her tail around zidane and cuddles him*
[Zidane] *still crying* help us someone, anyone just help us.
[Cloud] pleeease.
[me] babys...