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What do you mean by profiles? ):
my school has started again /die
and because I am busy, there is no time to update very much.
Next update will be weekend, prolly. :<
so I am going to make a Q&A AUTHOR'S PAGE


ask me anything. anything.
just post questions here and I'll add them to the page.
I will answer any question as long as it isn't inappropriate.
I'll post a picture too, if I actually get questions.
for someone who lives far away from Paris, it can be considered exotic :>
thanks for starting to read :>
the pages...
i feel like they're gradually getting worse
That was only a filler ):
It's not related at all, so it didn't seem right to leave it up.
it's getting messy

/ 4:50 AM
Cover for the first chapter.
From Kat's POV.

Finally, right? :9
you're back<3

please do draw more weird shit. it makes my day.