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man... been forever..
Ok, so I sent a cameo years ago for this comic.

I even made a very very brief appearance http://chaosreigns.smackjeeves.com/comics/526673/334-new-member/

and in that one my character isn't even revealed. I'd like to know what happened to my cameo.
wow been while since i've been on.
nice update buddy!

oh and
@kinny-man: thank you for understadning XD
Hello fans I am thinking of rebooting my comic this time with all paint .net if terra dose not update I don't know yet so if you think I shoul than just message me
finally i updated again... better tell terra to update too.

hhahahahahah o forgot about snaps sorry snaps but ult is my buddy
i call being the cool quite one again.
no paint.net
okay so i know you all are saying:
"JAY-2 WHY NO PAINT.NET?????????"

but i have a reason. normally when i make comics its when i come over to ultimate's place and use his computer.

on my comp at home, well its a new comp so most of my stuff was on ult's comp.

so i'm not sure how paint.net will effect my new comp so i haven't downloaded it. so thats why this is on ms paint.

anyway, long comment short:
1) no paint.net
2) yay update!
3) i'd apreciate your help tyson.
and i update again.

i'm glad my char was the first to enter a battle scene.
October 15th, 2010

thats nice abbie! XD

i'll use it somewut but i think i'll stick to one horn, as for everything else, the shading is perfect on the scarfs

pwnage comic
k so i posted

my chameleon eye allows me to see in all directions (like a chameleon) and through traces of energy, no it cannot allow me to see the future or look through walls. so dont say i copied the sharingan or byakugan.

zone we should plan this fight, but dont pm me cuz i hardly check my messages, pm ult and he'll tell me
hey everyone

jay here

just wanna say that in panel seven, it was just a joke. i am normally calm, serious, and quiet.

that is all

PS yes i use naruto atks, Ult said it was okay for me

i know sum of you hate but he said give me a break
i need this background and sound ninja sprites and the cai sprites and sonic sprites so i can start this battle please