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@Luigi_96: aiming their busters at his face...That'll certainly add some excitement to his life~
Awesome, working this you can see, I stuck with being simple this time around.
Aaaaand we're back!
With new sprites, too!I am currently going to have trouble making comics, because I am stuck using GIMP for my image editing...I do need help...if anyone knows how to make a background on an image transparent with GIMP so I can copy the sprites to the comic page safely.
I do know of another emulator site for you. Works pretty well, so...if you want the link, just ask I'll give it to you~
Alright guys, new sprites are almost ready to roll, after that, the comic starts again!Wish my luck, I have a lot of editing ahead of me.
@The_mad_one: He doesn't have shades either, and there's only one of him.
@Megakirby: He's not Skull Man!He doesn't have his skull anymore!
Kit and Draco
Draco is TAC's AI, and that red thing hovering next to me is Kit. She's a kitsune. Until I get something better to use I just recolor the sprite of Cortona and add tails. Kit is *MY* AI. So... yeah... At the current moment, in Team Trek, TAC and I are the only ones with AI's.
Wondering who Kit is?She's my AI!
Yes, that's right, some Spartans from the UNSC are rebelling against the UNSC. They are a force to be reckoned with now that they've joined forces with the Covenant. All rebels will be wearing the red armor with yellow detail as you can see here.
I think Blue is DJ's # of deaths on this stage, grey is TMO's deaths, and pink-ish color is game overs.
Hm.. I've never had to deal with it smashing me before... Then again I tried to avoid getting behind it.
Come on DJ and Mad, you can do it! I beat this stage and am fighting my way through Castle Wily on this game..AND I'M HORRIBLE AT MEGA MAN COMPARED TO YOU TWO!
I'm pretty sure that unless they can't find a bosses weakness, they'll only use Mojo if they have no other weapons.
Surprisingly, though, I beat Airdoc without figuring out his weakness.. It just took a while.
@GalaxyCharizard: Dude, they odn't want any spoilers. They'll find the weakness themselves.
@The Comic Guy: Maybe Mad doesn't want anyone to see him die horribly.
Trust me guys, I had trouble with him too, but once. You find his patter-oh wait... this is QuickMan.. he has no pattern... ok once you find his other weakness he's a bit easier... if you can dodge him and shoot at the right time.
@AuraX: Because Capcom likes it their way