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First off, I want to say I love your comics. It's hard to find something nice and sophisticated in all the piles of yoai, and furry, and the piles and piles of sprite comics. This comic is well-done and tasteful. The only thing it needs is more recognition. ^-^
Come on, PEOPLE! I only need one more fan! Then I'll have a nice tidy 25 fans, AAAAAND I'll spruce up the comic with a special surprise! Seriously, who doesn't LOVE surprises?
@TheProjectCore: Hook a brutha up wit dat youtube channel!
Just so we're clear, gift cards are SHIT. Noone really "enjoys" getting them. (Probly cuz they're SHIT) Hell, I don't even think it's enjoyable to GIVE them. If you give people gift cards regularly in place of real fucking present on a regular basis when you CAN AFFORD ACTUAL FUCKING PRESENTS, you are a despicable human being/furry/emo and I despise you to the core of the heart of my very soul.

That is all.
School is in session!
This isn't the best I've had in awhile, but it does cover a serious and commonly made spelling error!
I thought I might touch on the whole 6th gen issue. I'm touching softly, as you can see, it's a touchy subject.
And YOU get a pun! And YOU get a pun! You ALL get puns!!!
I should be keeping on schedule for the next few weeks. So nobody panic. I have everything covered up until Ninetales. Any one have ideas for after that?
Miss me!?!?
Get off my back for being gone for a coffee break. I work six days a week, do 2 other comics, and now I'm doing let's plays. I know that sounds interesting! If you want to see my videos, click hur ->

Thanks to everyone who didn't forget about me! All 2 of you! Plus, If I can get 25 fans, I'll do something special for the comic! I know y'all wanna see dat!
@yoshi: there is a sprite COMIC, It's called Pixel Life. I might be able to call in a few favors and get a flash or java game made for pixel life.
@comicboy: Well that was relevant. Speaking of not being relevant: ^O^ BUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRNNNNNNN!!!!!!^O^
See? The last one was a setup for THIS! I'm a genius, I know.
Trust me, this wasn't out of laziness.
Kudos to comicboy for this one!
Comment, people!
@comicboy: No problem comicboy, I made this comic for the fans to leave their ideas in the comments for me to use. So all you people reading this comment: Give me ideas, you can only squeeze a certain amount of funny out of one man!
@Pyroxenite-The-Demonhog: wow pyro, didn't expect to see you here. XD
December 20th, 2012
Wow, I haven't uploaded in FOREVER. I finally had a spark of creativity, though.
@comicboy: Yeah but I liked ur first idea better... sorry.
This one is thanks to comicboy!!!
writers block has been cured! Thank you project core!!!