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ugh Matt and Tweety are so pretty it hurts.
as does my heart because CUTE.
HI DAVE. HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN A WHI- oh wait that's nick oh jeez.
Evan has skills. And they are evil skills that he uses for evil. For shaaaaame Evan.
But y u so cute D:
aswjkhfdlk dead. I am dead from cuteness overload.
Harrison up in panel three saying little worms is my favorite aww.
How. How have I never realized until now how much I frickin' love Kaori. How.

And being alive and not hurricane fodder is always a good thing :<
I just re-looked at the third panel and good God, does Everley age at all D:

Also, Oliver, you and your horrible memory, how the hell do you have a masters <3~
I read the commentary. Your comments usually add something to page for me :P

Aw, Jules ;; -pets-

-I spy a double post of this page >.>-
Alex. Alex. I didn't think I could love you more but. Christ, look at you in panel 5, gd.
I agree with above, Shadi is adorbz >3<

IT KILLED ME OH GOD. el. oh. el.
God, I love Gideon already >3<

Um, bios. Are not up. Or something. I can't see them :c
Oh God, "IT KNOWS I'M VEGAN", loling forever because of that.

Actually, the entire last panel is amazing.
One page and I am already in love with this how are you this amazing Natasha ;;

Best name for a firstborn ever.
Comments on yesterday's page were so unneeded, I thought that issue was done and over :C

Anyway, Panagiotis/Flora is amazing and adorable and I love it lots. And Flora, be more adorable :c
het is good. sometimes. mainly because Thekla is amazing.

Thekla/Kyle I approve almost as much as Nathan/Kyle.
Het? In Jenny Haniver? Impossible.

I approve so much :>

fuckyeahjennyhaniver sounds neat. I say do it.
Adorable page is adorable c:

also i am now accepting everything in the steampunk novels as canon. it all happened. you can't tell me otherwise.
Oh Evan, you sly little bastard :<
Screwing around with Ezra is not cool dude. Not cool. Especially since you can get laid anytime you damn well please >:c
Yoshi and Danielle in their skivvies made my day <3

Oh Yoshi, if only you knew, if only you knew :C