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I am really hoping to start a few comics on this site, but due to my procrastinating nature it's pretty tough for me to get around to it.
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Trainer has died of dysentery.

You white out.
>Insert rectally.
Annnnd this is where Prince Eric's mom comes innnnnn.

This explains how he feels distant from the others, and considerably different in appearance. P8
Pokemon, gotta kill 'em all?
November 15th, 2011
I wholeheartedly blame your incentive

Well seeing as we're all going to get down to this...
October 9th, 2011
I feel so bad for-- mmkay I can't start lying here. Might get sister-slapped.

I don't pity him one bit. He's not exactly a POLITE boy 24/7, and he did just suddenly leave without telling anyone where he was going.

If anyone teardrop-cries or goes NOOOOOOO THE BIG SISTER IS EVIIIIIL-- I will laugh. HARD.
I'm surprised that PEOPLE here are surprised; there were so many incidents that 4Kids ended up derp-censoring regarding Team Rocket using guns. I guess you really wouldn't know unless you wanted to find the original ones...

Also, in regards to the gun and the "safety" issue with Thad having it cocked and in his shirt (HONESTLY, HE'S EVIL HE CAN DO WHATEVER THE FRIG HE WANTS). I agree that the barrel appears too wide, and a really cool thing you could've done to make this panel both more "real" and - really - give that second to last panel more action is to have the gun be cocked in it using Thad's thumb reaching up and pulling the hammer back; it lets off that "ka-chk" sound that freaks people out and lets them know it's loaded and ready to go. It'll also fix the awkward thumb-placement that's going on in that panel (though holding a gun itself is pretty awkward, especially if you're opting to do it one-handed with that ungodly "kick" after each shot).
That's. A depressing contrast.
It's okay, unicorn; always I wanna be with you and make believe with you. To live in harmony harmony our love, of course.
Nothing much; got a giant spider rigged up to drop it on trick or treaters' heads along with a video camera to put it on YouTube.

It's... what I did last year so...
Best costume I had was when I dressed as an evicted hobo. My upper half was in a box and I had fake legs attached to my shirt so it looked like I was sitting in it, and my lower half made up the guy evicting me who was "carrying" the box around. People demanded to know who the second person was. Didn't believe me when I explained it to them xD;;;
I told some kids that in Latin all we were talking about right now was sex.

A week later they got a schedule change and realized I was referring to our review over numbers.
I looked at it and thought 'Wow. What a beautiful game.'

So bright, so vivid.

That was MY cousin's reaction to the game, bro. Mine was semi-louder.
Dang, if there was a fence like that then I would never be bored.
@coolchan Sorry bro, I saw the update and had to seize the opportunity.

@BaldDumboRat Yeah, sure he'll fall for that... or at least he'll fall.
Ah but the worse the relationship gets the funnier it is!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

**also, a grammatical error on 1st panel: "hasn't". No biggie, just me being a grammar Nazi.
xD okay now this makes me REALLY want to draw you some fanart. *hops on the bandwagon*
OH GOD the displaced Rattata is back!

Whoops, wrong story.