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Just an artist trying to draw out some fun stories.
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@Auldr: Rough and Tumble definitely describes this family.
I've decided to extend the deadline on the contests, partially because I still have to get a hold of some shipping supplies, and partially because I'd like to draw some things to go along with the winner announcements. If you'd like, there is now a little more time.
@Auldr: Tomo is so nondescript. Lain is here to make sure we know who we're talking about. XD
@Auldr: These two scenes just might be connected. Ow<
~Briiiiiggs, yooouur'eee in trooouuubblle~
@Auldr: Be careful Auldr. I think she's the type that slaps a person over puns. XD
@Geneseepaws : Aww, you. Thank you so much. :3
Spill the tea bro!
Watch him do just that.
@Auldr: A recipe for their relationship.
Briggs? Angry? Never.
@Geneseepaws : He does seem to be making an effort.
@Geneseepaws: If someone wakes up with gold eyes the next morning, you'll know the plush got them.
This boy. Is still using. That old phone.
@Auldr: True, but a couple panels of Rago struggling with a condom would have been there if I'd remembered. ;3
This is the very first contest I've ever run but I'm hyped to give it a try!
Any other questions, please drop them in the comments and once again, send your entries to
@Geneseepaws : XD
@Geneseepaws : He's definitely a tramp.
@Geneseepaws : At the very least she's trouble for herself.