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Just an artist trying to draw out some fun stories.
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@Alecshar: X3 Sweethearts.
@Auldr: Relevant to something I almost put in this sequence. >wO
Woah folks, he's really going for it!
Tell him "all of it!"
@Auldr: Performance anxiety is definitely a factor.
@IronDog: He's a bit of a man whore but he tries to be a considerate one. XD
My first sketch of the last panel had them looking towards the bed rather than each other and it gave such a weirdly ominous feeling.
Stay sweet, boys.
I wish I could use this color scheme on every page.
Look at these boys flirt.
Go basic boys. Neither of you know anything about condoms.
Tomo will just have to keep reminding him that he's easy to please.
@Auldr: It begs the question, is Rago an "ass man"?
The bus conversation doesn't get any more appropriate.
@IronDog: Tomo's got a one track mind.
@Auldr: That sounds about right. XD
The artist made sure to draw background characters using public transport this time.
@Riaya: But he only does it when he's between relationships...
Feel free to guess how often that happens.
Why you gotta make everything embarrassing Tomo?
Rago only just had the "I think I'm dating someone" conversation. Don't skip him ahead to "Are you having safe sex?" conversation.
@IronDog: Just performing my civic duty. XD