Just an artist trying to draw out some fun stories.
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@Auldr: Rago's conflicted about a lot of things.
@Auldr: XD Ha, nah. He usually sticks around with a girl long enough to get to that point.
They're more for, "I can't believe I complicated things by sleeping with Tomo again." moments.
A lot of the boys in the house don't get along well with their moms.
Rago won't out you, but he will judge you.
@Auldr: Sometimes he's a little late on the delivery, but everyone gets one eventually. XD
Look who's finally coming back!

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@Auldr: Glad to have them. Just a little spoilery, but I'll find ways to answer with tidbits of info. XD
If dealing with Tomo counts as an emergency how did he ever quit?
@Auldr: That would be an awkward run down the hallway.
Rago is the resident plant parent.
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@Auldr: (・ω・)b Thumbs up to you. You have an idea of what's going on.
I've got a making of video in the works for this page. Hopefully I can slap it together without too much trouble soon.

Also, if you ever wanted some art from me and are a user of Tapastic/Tapas app, I hold monthly raffles for those that tip using the app.
It doesn't cost anything and there aren't many competitors, so there's a good chance you could win.
I can never think of any good April Fool's jokes.

Also, there were a few asks that I didn't get around to just yet. A friend's wedding is happening this weekend and there have been many fun yet distracting events leading up to it. :D
Who actually answers a call from an Unknown number?

Any more questions for a possible Q&A?
And Quin's face lights up. XD
Also thinking of doing some between chapter character/comic Q&A things if there's enough interest.
Drop some questions if you've got got 'em.
@Chrism Storm Fire: Lol, I'm glad they can be enjoyable and not just intrusive. I mean, pastel rainbows just seems appropriate, doesn't it?
@Auldr: For now. Once the chapter is done over here I'll have a PDF download available on itchio for $1.

I'm still a little conflicted about censoring it, but since I've gotta do it on Tapastic, it only seemed fair to do it over here too.
Briggs is back to his moody broody self already.

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