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Just an artist trying to draw out some fun stories.
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@IronDog: Tomo's got a one track mind.
@Auldr: That sounds about right. XD
@Riaya: But he only does it when he's between relationships...
Feel free to guess how often that happens.
@IronDog: Just performing my civic duty. XD
Tache is so cute.
I'm also so impressed by your backgrounds. They're so real and lived in. D:
Time for a bit of sleuthing.
Had he been there, Rago wouldn't have liked the way Tomo announced that either.
Not something to be proud of Tomo.
@IronDog: Hukaru agrees
@Riaya: There's no way he should have been noticed.
@Auldr: Some campuses do have faculty housing, though perhaps not as directly on campus as I put it. XD
Cuties gonna cute.
Again I will hint at mystery sibling, tell you nothing, and end the chapter there.
@Auldr: Ah, "Erotic Friend Fiction" or, "Erotic Person I've See at Distance Fiction"
@Auldr: Hukaru is gonna get whiplash from these mixed signals.
Blue boy, I mean, gentleman.
It takes a lot to break that steely exterior. Or you just accidentally say "love you".
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Anders is a true comic character. He's barely updated his look in like 3 years.
Quiet campus.
You can binge 60+ pages of bonus AU comics as a $5 patron.