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Just an artist trying to draw out some fun stories.
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@Auldr: Ah, "Erotic Friend Fiction" or, "Erotic Person I've See at Distance Fiction"
@Auldr: Hukaru is gonna get whiplash from these mixed signals.
No romantic dashing off of the train for this encounter.
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Big oops.
I've got a stream planned for Monday. Follow to get alerts for the exact start time.
She already slept next to you, maybe she meant it.
Fell asleep, just as she said she would.
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Maybe it'll impress someone who isn't your mom.
Guys, I made her too cute.
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Ooooh, reeeaaaly?
Ooooh, that's all she wanted, right?
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Hukaru's first impression, she's weird and she rambles.
@Ralend: There was no other option! XD
Wow, she even expected you to move your stuff so she could sit there.
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@Auldr: About time he got some screen time.
Either this train car is empty or the artist is lazy.

Finally updated my itchio with all of the currently completed chapters. They're all pay what you want except for NSFW stuff which is a $1.
PhoRen has to buy a house this summer so I'd be happy if you took a look.
They've updated this train since the last time I've shown. Def not me not wanting to paint those colors again.
This dad seems alright.
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Maybe he'd stick around longer if you weren't rude.
Should be a stream happening this Monday, comic pages, bonus art and requests.
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@Auldr: It's probably a sneaky afterglow snapshot. XD