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I've got mood music for my comics up on tumblr. Have a listen.
@Auldr: I love reading your page analyses. X3
Home again and still a bit sad.
Mom's just all around supportive.
His mom is a tease.
@Auldr: Some things were already discussed when Rago spoke with Hukaru about how long he'd be staying. ;)
Not for talking much more now though.
The mysterious woman Rago's been so worried about.

Also a reminder that if I reach $50 a month in pledges on Patreon I'll be increasing updates for everyone.
I'll draw an extra page a month either divided betwwen Devour and LLO or I'll take a vote and give more pages to just one comic.
@Auldr: Rago's conflicted about a lot of things.
Crying in public is always awkward.
Rago's more of the dwell on his issues on his own type. Not always so great though.
@Auldr: XD Ha, nah. He usually sticks around with a girl long enough to get to that point.
They're more for, "I can't believe I complicated things by sleeping with Tomo again." moments.
A lot of the boys in the house don't get along well with their moms.
Rago won't out you, but he will judge you.
@Auldr: Sometimes he's a little late on the delivery, but everyone gets one eventually. XD
Look who's finally coming back!

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@Auldr: Glad to have them. Just a little spoilery, but I'll find ways to answer with tidbits of info. XD
If dealing with Tomo counts as an emergency how did he ever quit?
@Auldr: That would be an awkward run down the hallway.
Rago is the resident plant parent.
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