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Age: 24
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Just an artist trying to draw out some fun stories.

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Life Less Ordinary
Last Update: 5 Days Ago Fans: 245 # Comics: 128
Last Update: 2 Months Ago Fans: 33 # Comics: 12
Inspired By A Dream
Last Update: Completed Fans: 26 # Comics: 168

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Comment on Ch4 Pg8 of Life Less Ordinary
PhoenixRenaissance, 22 Aug 2014 03:42 pm
It's ok Rago. Conceal, don't feel. Don't let it show.

I'm gonna be away from my computer next weekend so there won't be a new page then. Hopefully I'll be getting a lot of art done though so I can maybe get myself a little buffer, and begin on some stuff for the Patreon reboot.

See you guys Sept. 6
Comment on Ch4 Pg7 of Life Less Ordinary
PhoenixRenaissance, 16 Aug 2014 08:22 am
Sometimes Toby forgets that being married usually means being exclusive to your spouse.

A big thank you to those who took the time to answer the little survey I sent out. I loved reading your honest thoughts. You've given me some things to think about while moving forward with the patreon.

If you haven't responded yet I'd love to hear some more thoughts still.

Thanks, and see you again next week.
Comment on Page 19 of Crazy Perfect
PhoenixRenaissance, 10 Aug 2014 08:04 pm
I got Jason, and I'm kinda not surprised in the end. Fun though.
Comment on 0243 of MyStereoBot
PhoenixRenaissance, 10 Aug 2014 03:49 am
I'm curious… about that statue! What's going on over there?
Comment on Page 22 of Forever or Not
PhoenixRenaissance, 10 Aug 2014 03:47 am
:snort: That is a most unfortunate haircut.
Comment on Ch4 Pg6 of Life Less Ordinary
PhoenixRenaissance, 09 Aug 2014 07:23 am
So I learned while working on this page that the "ok" hand gesture American's use is actually pretty offensive in some other countries. Simply makes it more appropriate for Tomo to use it himself.

Adding and subtracting things around the site. Please have a look at what's new.
Comment on Page 18 of Crazy Perfect
PhoenixRenaissance, 06 Aug 2014 02:36 pm
This date just got even more awkward.
Comment on Ch4 Pg5 of Life Less Ordinary
PhoenixRenaissance, 02 Aug 2014 05:53 am
Life Less Ordinary is getting near 250 fans here on Smackjeeves so I think it's time for another bonus art. I'm willing to take some suggestions on what this might be. Check the corresponding news post to suggest some characters or cute/kinky/sexy situations.

Another cameo in this page. The dude in the brown jacket is Charleston Charge from the webcomic Area42 ( If you like aliens, paranormal investigators and humor than give it a read.
Comment on Ch4 Pg4 of Life Less Ordinary
PhoenixRenaissance, 26 Jul 2014 03:21 pm
Support the creation of Life Less Ordinary on Patreon:

Attempting to argue the point isn't going to work after all Rago.

If the folks in panel four look kinda like main characters it's because they are, but not of this comic. They're from Kyria ( a very fun and beautiful fantasy comic. Give it a read guys.
Comment on Ch4 Pg3 of Life Less Ordinary
PhoenixRenaissance, 20 Jul 2014 03:28 pm
I do work on the comic quite often. OwO;;
But I do find painting to be much faster for me than digital coloring.

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