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I love to read comics done by the brilliant artists on this website. Hopefully soon, I will get my own comic up. I'm working on the pages by hand now, I just need a scanner and an art program to re-do them.
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Omg you have no idea how excited I am right now. I'm going to have internet back soon so I'll be right on drawing again. I thought this was dead XD This is so lovely! *two giant thumbs up*
Paint them ALL like your French girls, Sarah.
What happens when Max goes to the bathroom? Her straight sisters hit on her girlfriend. :D (in my dream, they were dating :P)
Oh god there's more of them...
On your left, passengers, you will see Veronika. She is a science major and occasional model. To your right you see Lizbet. She is a full time high class model and fashion designer. Max knows how to build things because of Veronika and knows how to sew because of Liz.
So, Max is a character that I use in a few different rps. In the first one I used her in, Max was friend's with two Russian twins named Veronika and Lizbet. Well, recently I had a dream (which was first normal then turned out very odd and included french toast) where the two were her older sisters and Sarah had the pleasure of meeting them, and Max's mom and dad. And here was the result! (There are 2 more pages after this :3)
Oh no! I doodled again! Sarah, stop being cute or Max is going to wreck you!!

Too late. <3
I doodled. It happened. This was the result :D
^^ <3
I'm probably going to do the hand drawn ones from now on until I get better with the computer art. Don't hate me D:
Is forgiven :3 I understand that personal things get in the way. Take your time, love.
:D Sarah and Max are guna be besties <3
And no worries, I'll probably do black and white a well ^^ coloring is a pain.. I love your style though :D
Oh my god I am going to have WAY too much fun with this... *glomp*
@Almightyra: Perhaps not the computer... But Max is having a problem fixing her H0rN3y issue... :3
Oh Max, you little minx. <3
Thought I might toss this in for no reason what so ever besides the sole purpose of booty and making Sarah blush. <3
I love you all! You're all so sweet <3
Maxi likes hugs >:3
Heh, sorry. Accidentally put it on the wrong page and couldn't move it.

Name: Maxine Wolf

Age: 21

Height: 5'4"

Orientation: All applicants welcome. Prefers the ladies though.

Position: Both. She's a very... *ahem* Flexible gal. Literally AND figuratively! :D

Course of study: Major in business management, minor in philosophy and creative writing.

Likes: Writing, smoking (cigarettes), dogs, relaxing, nerdy chicks, hanging out, dressing in tuxedos and dresses and trying new things.

Personality: Max is almost impossible to hate. Almost. For the most part, she's a chill, smooth gal that can make even the most awkward wall flower feel comfortable. That being said, she is a bit of a control freak and is weary when dating because of it.

Hobbies: Writing, eating, finding new things to do, scaring people with surprise hugs, and wood working.

Other: Max is a bar tender. She's earned the nickname Jack Trades because she is able to fix almost anything that concerns the bar. She responds to Jack, JT, Trades, Maxi, M, and Cuddlebuns.
*is twitching*
I'm having a total giggle fit!!