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Black Hair, Moss brown eyes, 5ft1" tall (should I say short), very crazy.... uses the word 'tao' A LOT! basically my word for everything (including hot asian guys - asda-tao is so freakin' hot believe me... so is sneezle-bus-tao GAAAA KAWAII!)
Anyway back on topic --- I love to draw, read - anything horror, dark or crime (I love Brian Lumley books) supernatural etc.
Love yaoi ^o^ My collection is growing steadily between trips to the bookstore to order and forbiden planet in glasgow (lives in Fife)
I my last year of high school, taking a gap year then dundee collage for illustration (if I manage to get my portfolio finshed...)
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I have just found voltorbs human conterpart in real life xD look at the guy in the background and just shave off his hair XD and the ash's pikachu XD
just wanted to share this and an looking forward to when you do update again ^-^
I love the perspective of the fence ^o^ as I said before your art is gorgeous, cant wait to find out what happens next ^-^ :3
February 23rd, 2009
'O' your art is really good ^-^ you should have waaaay more fans, I particularly like the long haired guy's expression. And thier hair *o* is beautiful XD :3
Character - Now named Kit!
Thanks angra lol, I keep calling him Kit XD I just find it so cute. My lil bro says that tails has hit puberty and my mom says he is a pokemon >.> LOL either way I love him, drew him in MOB's oekaki ^-^ very proud of him <3
January 11th, 2009
XD I love your style, it looks so professional <3 You are really good, its hopeless for me to draw on paper >.> I'm banned from the scanner TT
can't wait for the next page *huggles*
OMG!!!! XD I looked at your profile <3 (for some strange reason I always look at profiles before manga's ^-^;) I couldn't believe it XD URUHA!!!! (I am a fan XD you can tell) also every other intrest you put there I have lol

Anyway, back to the point, I love your bishie-style ^o^ I can't wait to read it :D
A Gift!
I suppose now I have no excuse for not drawing horse-heads lol, but I did use a reference so maybe I do have an excuse XD I drew this in my Advanced Higher art class - we have our own room ^o^ newly built, it even has state-of-the-art windows that open themselves... which is the reason it is bloody cold... the over-ride buton doesn't work and its winter >.> and we have no matirials... which always helps if your doing things, we do however have two light-boxes, expensive stools and wheely cabinates and tables (wheely things post for a fun idea XD)
LOL, your backgrounds are definately better than mine :D I love your art style and the backgrounds match really well! keep up the good work ^O^
LOL, I was trying to work out why somebody thought the previous page was a fingerprint ... I saw table :D LOL
I loved the chibi, you draw them so well and the tiny smiley face next to the teachers comment (Luckily that has never happened to me ^-^)
Keep up the good work ^O^ Gambate! we're rootin' for ya!
December 25th, 2008
um... so yeah this is Yoh's sister, I haven't drawn her centaur part yet but it is the same as her hair... think of a Dun Arab for stucture and colour patterns. Unlike Yoh, she doesn't prace about naked (she wears a top because I refuse to draw her naked....[really because although the life-drawing models are naked I suck at human/horse anatomy])


Thanks so much Indigo *huggles* I still have never been able to drw horse necks, they have wierd curves...
Chapter 1 - 01
Thanks indigo ^0^ truethfully the first pannel is the only one I actually put effort into >.< The chibi is really bad, I need to practice them lol I actually used a ruler(junjo romantica vol 1) with my tablet just so the lines were straight LOL

wahhh thankyou goth, I am definatley replacing that terrible chibi yoh >.< I drew a way better one on paper ^o^ I'm thinking I should start doing the pannels on paper and scan them, sometimes they turn out better lol thanks for the comment, merry christmas to you too ~<3 have fun ^-^
filler page
I really like how this came out ^^ its my second time colouring using sai, the first time was pretty crappy... sai doesn't have burn or dodge tools (that I know of) so it made it a lot harder to do, I swear I broke my tablet pen pressing down so hard LOL
I dont count the toning as colouring.


waaa thanks so much GothicVampireGirl XD *huggles*
I love this, your story is actually original to me - (it is a bummer when everything yu read is the same stuff spewd in a different form) this is actually refreshing ^o^
Also thankz for faving my manga *huggles*
XD I love this, you have an awsome style ^o^ can't wai for your next update XD good luck with the parents ~<3
Chapter 1
I really like this page ^o^ origonally he was supposed to be clamping his teath onto the apple and grinning. It took forever to draw that bloody pose, it just didn't look right...
December 18th, 2008
yes yes I know this is a crappy excuse for a cover, I think I am going to go and change it later on... We'll see, enjoy~

EDIT - YAY! I managed to get rid of that awful thing ^o^ anyway, new cover coming soon!

EDIT ummm.... well yeah... I have no excuse for a bannana yello and brown page with a sketch... well stick with 'Coming Soon!'
I've slightly changed the way I'm colouring it, you'll see the difference when I post the chapter page, right after page 4 (I couldn't resist the chapter page, it was finished before this one ^o^;)
Page 2
>.< made this page real quick... and ended up adding the tone on the same layer as the lineart...
the butterfly says, - 'eek' - 'oh nose...' - 'yay!' - 'haha!' - and finally 'hi there!' .
I'm terrible with hands as you can see, most just resort to wierd shapped blobs... either way enjoy~
Page 1
This page is what follows after creating an oekaki on MOB's oekaki board ^o^ I am very happy with this, hopefully I can keep Yoh's image the same... I really hope I do cause I think he is adorable XD for the horsy part I actually refered to a previous centaur I have drawn (its on the wall beside me... ^o^)
anyway, enjoy~