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When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade! Get back at life! Make life rue the day it gave you lemons!
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At first I wasn't really interested, but after giving your pages a shot, I can happily say I'm glad I took the time to read! This is one of the best Nuzlocke comics I've seen around!

You've earned yourself another fan!
Sweet jebus
Where the hell have I been the past year?

I'm so sorry to the fans of this comic, I hope you're still interested in reading this! I took a whole freaking year to update, I know. There's no excuse other than procrastination, lack of inspiration and motivation.

Nevertheless, we're back on route and will be back to updating once every sunday!

Thanks to those still around!

Already beat you to it by a few years. :P
Or maybe...
It's Sonic coming after Robotnik?
Describe me best
Those are how I usually round out someone like Robotnik.
I like her already. :3
Or was it pink?
Guess who, Pikachu~
Seriously, you can't call yourself an old school gamer if you don't know what's coming next.
@Terminal Devastation

I see, thanks for the heads up. I didn't even know of the existence of that comic till today.
@StarMario777 & ChaosSonic777

You have me at a disadvantage.
And now we're kicking things into gear
What's that? No attempt at a joke here?! Don't get used to it, I've got plenty of bad ones up my sleeve.

And given the course of this comic, you could literally channel out Chapter 0 as if it were non-canon if you so wished. It was just a VERY crappy way of introducing the world. Go ahead, whatever helps you sleep at night, I won't tell anyone.
You should totally slap their shit for daring to take things so far from the focus of the comic.

I swear, I wouldn't take this lying down.
Now things will REALLY kick off!
What's that? Serious business? BAH! In your dreams, girl.

For everyone who keeps checking the old comics, you'll find we have a new comic banner relative to the comic's content now. Huzzah!
Fourth wall rebuilding in progress
I cannot stress enough how comic's revolving around authors gets boring VERY fast. The real entertainment comes from watching those who don't have the power of gods. Don't expect to see these guys again for some time.

Yeah, I'll be changing that banner eventually as well.
@Destinytail0 Not sure I get what reference you're talking about.
I'm just a little thrown by how he was gliding after Bowser when he stole the Master Emerald in the first place and yet he doesn't glide now.

Even so, this is probably one of my most favourite pages simply because of the engagement of the joke. XD
So very evil
If I had a penny for every time the weather people were proven wrong...
I've had this tendency to start and abruptly end it in the past. No comic I started ever lasted beyond 50 pages at most, 1-2 pages at least.
When this baby hits 88 miles per hour...
6100000000 GIGAWATTS?!
I truly am an evil person
It's always fun to reach a new level of dickery with your cast by giving their nemesis an edge.