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My worry with such situations is that something could have happened to him. RL can get pretty busy, but such absences are... foreboding.
Also, I just looked at the page source in a code editor and ran a search for "posted by". Apparently there are now 3652 comments, including this one. Utter insanity.
It's insane.
How many comments is this? How does this continue on?
Horp dorp.
I'm still around.
Two years without an update and still comments coming... in some kind of... fan fiction type way.
I am deeply disturbed. The theme of every comic I made on here was people being eaten by nasty blob things.


The Kerrek
January 28th, 2013
Amazing what 6 years will do for a person's ability to write witty comedy.
Strong Bad quote. Awesome.
I still exist.

Fear me.
Digging the new layout.
Should be more than an April Fool's prank, IMO.
The Kerrek
January 22nd, 2011
Guess who just wasted 2 hours going through this comic's archive?

Added to favorites.
This is probably the best one.
Four years do a lot to one's perception of a high quality comic strip.
I just lost the game :(
Always a good chuckle from this comic.