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'Ello. I'm Bridget! I am an artist in training, and an aspiring writer as well. I love reading, writing, drawing, and surfing the web. =)
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As a silent fan who hasn't commented yet, I just have to say that I really enjoy this comic, and I don't think it's going down in quality at all! :D Good job!
Yay Mr. Teacher man! :)
lol, I love how after all that, they still are so excited that they got the tickets.
Bahaha! I love her thought track. Homicide, monsters, missing eyebrow. :P
Next time I'll do a girl. ;)(which will be easier, by the way, haha. xD)

But, seriously, thanks for 10 fans! You guys make my day! :)
Sorry about this being late, I was on a plane to Spain, which is where I am now.

And sorry about it being so bad.
Like, really bad. Bleugh. But, Akashi really does look like a clown...
Bleugh. This is awful awful awful. I'm so sorry. *feels pathetic for even posting something so darn bad*
Haha, Paul. Abigail is coming soon, don't worry! ;)

And yay! Thank you Kamahi! You just REALLY made my day! I love it when new fans come. I'm making a 10 FANS comic soon! :)
Don't worry. :) Osaka Melee updates every Thursday and Saturday, and sometimes on special occasions, or if I feel happy and I feel like it, there there will be more coming soon! :)

I'm glad you like it, by the way. You made my day! :)
Tee hee! Pervert grandpa. Well, you'll learn more as the story unfolds. ;)
Haha, same here Kamahi! :P My mum comes in and she's like: "Oh my god! You just made the mess worse! Have you cleaned at ALL?" and I'm like "... Maaaaaaybe." :P
Props to Paul for help with some of the joke. ;) Thank you mon ami, you shall soon see your lover by the way. (for those who don't get it, don't ask, haha)

Haha! Thanks my half-chibi style for you.

Innocent little homicidal robot. :)
C'mon boys. You KNOW you were thinking the same thing. ;)
yeah. 'nuff said.
Yes, there is almost never a floor, lol. Just noticed. I'll start drawing floors, haha. Thanks for the notice.
yeah. lol. sorry about that... XD *sucks at drawing anything machine, building, room, or non-small household appliance, lol*
ALSO, check out our new banner (go to the profile of this comic, and you'll see) It's ANIMATED! :D I found a really good, free website that does it for you! So, I made myself a avatar as well. You like?
I actually sorta like how this one turned out. I'm upset that I couldn't find a good screentone background for it, but nothing fit, so I decided to let the comic just be as it is.

I REALLY like Akashi's sketchyness. That's the first time I've been able to pull that off.

Sorry about the messed up toilet. I'm working on it. (backgrounds and such, I mean)
Well, technically, he was getting OUT of the shower, and let's not jump to wrong, wrong conclusions, shall we Paul? rotfwl. :P

Ouch, I'll make sure to tell them you said that J. :)