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personally, I'd rather have a good quality book later on than a bad one now. Totally KOTOR is the type of thing I'd read every couple of years, and even after all the time it's gone on I still really enjoy reading it, and I don't see why that'd stop, meaning it's going to be used a lot.

Have you considered looking at other Webcomic makers and seeing who prints their books?
you have more bodies?

now THAT'S a conversation starter :B
yeah, it always seemed like you hadn't 100%'d the game because you hadn't got him out :(
is the third bummy McJefferstini's bum?
looks red to me on three separate computers :P
"During summer as a kid I would pretty much stay up until the sun came up, and then sleep until like 3 in the afternoon. Now that I'm old I usually go to bed at like 10PM and try to set more of a schedule. It honestly makes me feel a ton better and feel like I got more rest. More recently, though, I've been having trouble sleeping so I've been staying up later, making my schedule go all out-of-whack. "

<-- points to self
RCT or Failure confetti? DD:
okay, to answer the question in the title.

Yes. Killy is indeed evil.
so its a reboot?
Oh yes :3
This comic reminded me of a certain scene in Saints Row 2 xD
I love the way he carries them under his arm xD

CS Lewis was brilliant. However I only got up to book 3, it got a bit boring IMO. The first book was better than the films TBH, didn't they have like yellow and red rings which take them to a dimension with loads of pools? and they actualy meet characters from the other books(i.e. the ice queen or whatever).
Wow. Those are the best pet names eva :3
Is that a doctor who reference I spy in the second panel? :3

EDIT: olol, didn't see you mentioned DW in the OP xD
just noticed, you consider yourself a great artist :P
BOOM! headshot!
you should totaly sell hammers with Bummy underneith them!

and I expected him to say mathemagician xD