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sorry for the violence.
i didnt realize this arc was going to be so long.
@TrueMaple: please check out my comic, it's also a one piece based one.
i also have an one piece sprite comic i'm working on. can you check it out?
the fight everyone's talked about since idk when.
I just realized the move Luffy used is actually RIFLE, NOT ROCKET. My bad ya'll.
getting juicy now.
freakin' auto correct made "Nami" into "Name". it's late and i missed it. sorry.
of course, there's going to be shipping in a fanmade comic!!! what were you expecting?! lol.
a clash between marvels! (literally)
luffy likes spider-man because he's cool. gohan likes spider-man because he's a superhero (cough***great saiyaman)