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crazy little sister
I like dogs, got 5 of my own. And i like to watch and read a lot a anime.
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Yep that's my sis all right.
Okay thatnks for telling me shadow, now i can kill my sister. JK.
Nice drawing, but don't think you can really call those clothes.
Hey you mind if i steels what that person said, i want to join this clab to.
Your a pretty good drawler (and i'm a pretty bad speller).
I like the picture. But i have to ask. Are they both somking or is only he somking?
I like your drawing it's cute!
Teah it's pretty good, i can't draw well, which is i'm srocking other people's drawings and comics, but i do know a good drawing when i see one.
It's cute, oh and by the way i'm going to end up bring your comic stocker
It is cute. But who are you sating hi to?
Go sis! You could always draw better then I do.
That will make me happy! Thanks! I'm pretty sure Scotter will be happy at that too!
Yeah! Thank you for letting me stalk you comic. I'm not sure if that's the same as stalking you though. <___< hmmm... ANyway lets just say i'm stalking you comic.
No, he didn't pull the trigger. He just wanted to scare him a little so he'll stay away from me. No big deal though, my mom wanted to kill him but my dad just wanted to scare him. lol that was a funny day.
I would love to know how! But the question is how well you show me if i can't see you? And can you explain very well to tell me step by step? Don't get me wrong i'm not douting you, i'm just wondered.
Hey i'm just like you the darker the better. I love dark chocalet. The bitter it is the better the taste! lol.
And no hugs please! My mom and sisters are enough of a hug freak that i have to hide half the day!
your little sister
Hey like i keep saying, it's not cheating if it looks good.
This is pretty cool! I'm so going to stalk to comic with scooter.
Hey can i be a comic stalker too! By the way he has a nice butt.
That was pretty cool! it's reminds me of when i had a stalker in the 8th grade. He didn't get to fair. My dad ended up putting a shutgun to his head.