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He's pregnant?
November 29th, 2011
I still think he's pregnant.
D: thank you for making this. People always comment, "Oh my god, I love this story I finished the entire thing today. Drake is So hot."

And I'm
And then all the other fans are like pissed the fuck off and comment how dumbasstastic they are and if they loved the series they'd know what his name is xD

AND DRAKE STOP....I mean. Dake. -maniacal laugh-

U c wut i did thar?
I thought that said
I'll have one waiting for dicks.
heh. I love how cute Dake looks in the cell :3
Angry polish chicken for the win.
I think Pepper should be raped by this alleged White Shark...

Thank Jesus for Spell Check.

Oh. I'm going to marry Jesus for my marriage project...or can I marry you?
monday is sexy...hes not creepy at all.
I mean, I would tap that
can I write a fanfic for them
and give it to you?
I knew you guys were ninjas. D:
always conversing and planning to kill all your fans.
I mean.
update at the same time.
I love you
>:I poke his chest harder.
with your dick.
November 8th, 2009
Sexy doodles?
Why not just sex?
Congrats though <3
>-> everytime I read the commando thing I feel like the you should be you'd =-=
but that's just me >-<
Look at Dake in the first panel
looking all cute
October 24th, 2009
D: I miss Clover's shoes.
They made me happy.
Mondays like seriously thinking.
wtf man, just kiss me so we can have sex
October 24th, 2009
I keep staring at Clover's shoes.
And keep thinking how fucking gay they are.
Then I think...oh wait, he is gay.
And I laugh to myself.