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Name's Nathaniel Walpole, I'm a three part British, one part Ethiopean white boy (and I mean reeeeally white like ginger person white, I guess it's to do with dominant and recessive genes... probably did it in Biology but I suspect I wasn't listening). Currently I live in Ripon, North Yorkshire, England, I've been drawing manga style stuff since before I even knew what manga was, I just copied what I saw on shows like pokemon (I know... stfu I was like eight!!) basically i learned how to draw manga properly of a friend of mine in primary school, and it all progressed from there :)
I also play classical guitar, a little bass, read normal books, and I love stand up comedy!

I did have a really long paragraph about my life but it was waaaaay over 1200 words...
stupis smack jeeves...
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righto :) here's another page!
wow... since I had to go through all my old stuff uploading it I've noticed I've really improved compared to the old stuff in the prolouge... well I think I have at least :P
oh btw you can see my other stuff (illustrations and such on my dA account -> <-
Okay I'm all up to date with my comic so far!
enjoy :) it'll be updated soon/eventually :P
Righto, that's the prolouge uploaded :) sorry for the poor quality I did it rather a long time ago ^^;
please don't say that your having trouble drawing... because I would if not 'kill' at least severly maime to be able to do manga pages as well as you
lol kill teh turtleXD
gr8 comicsXD