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Ayup, that's me~! I'm an animator and comic book author/illustrator apparently! :)
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D: Ohhhh Dragonthing! You have to make it! <3
February 17th, 2010
Rofl! Box removal powers, activate!

XD I love this page
February 17th, 2010
XD Rofl! I wasn't expecting him to leave...
XD OMG he has the headband thingieeee
xD Because I neglected to put anything on the she---THEY SELL THINGS FASTER THAN THEY GET THEM IN!


>> <<
November 3rd, 2008
November 3rd, 2008
:O I still luff her hair...
Lol, it took me a minute to figure out where to read... :3 I'm loving the comic!

Ha ha, The text direction wasn't too bad. :3 Though if you want to do something like that in the future, I would suggest making the 3rd Panel a bit smaller, so there is more of a white space between the first and the third. OR, Move the "huh" bubble closer to the "who gets that one"... one... I just thought I'd suggest something since you mentioned it bothering you. X3; *read too many how to draw comics books*

Lol, you're making me realize just how insane Prof. Oak really is. O_O And I love your expressions and comedic timing! I want to hug you *_*

*shuts up and reads*
xD Lol, I find that funny... Keeping watch over him even in death
October 21st, 2008
O_O How have I not noticed this comic? *+fav x 11billion*

:D Lol, I like his pipe! And that girl's hair *_*
I swear, this is one of the best pkmn comics out there. *__* Please, don't let it die!! AWESM! *eagerly awaits next page*
September 16th, 2008
September 13th, 2008
xDDD I read the whole thing! Awesome on a stick! X3 It's so funny!
"Who are you?"
"SHUT UP." xDDDD Awesome <3
WAIIIIITTTT *runs after with a quarter* ><
(Auto) x_x Poor feathers... getting called a freak. O_o Come to think of it, Yasuri called Yahei that too. What is WITH her? xD Anyway, yeah. Now you get to see feathers' human form--well, almost human. A shame he's being treated so cruelly when all he was doing was bringing Yasuri some food...

:D I'm inking a lot of the page by hand now; before, I used the computer to fill in blacks and stuff, but now I use my clearly dying pen. :0 The grey color and font is still computer...ed. All this exploring in comic inking makes me feel bad about the first chapter, but seeing as i'm at chapter 3, I don't want to turn back! >:0 ONLY FORWARRRRD

*falls* x_0 and vote on the poll on the main page if you haven't already! Why? I dunno. o_o It just feels nice to know who your favorite characters are so far.
<3<3<3<3<3<3!!! :0 Hey, a long time ago, did you RP at Bouken RPG boards? I think I remember youuuu.
Told you I worked on it pretty hard x_x That first panel hurt my hand. Also, Me thinks I will try drawing speechbubbles by hand to layout my pages a bit better :D

Yay Auto updates!