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Hello, Nice to meet you <3

I'm from Sweden and I draw manga.
The problem with me is, that I don't have a lot of patience, and I work on too many mangas on the same time...

Please leave a comment to keep me drawing and my confident up <3
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I feel bad for laughing xD
Hehe I knew it was bloodborne as soon as I read the comic. I just bought it too and that is pretty much me
My boyfriend doesn't like my bed. He says it's too comfortable so he can't get up in the morning and sleeps away the whole day.
Me, I love my bed for that exact reason :D
I totally think you should start a patreon! You deserve it ^^ Also, your comic strips is what I look forward to the most on smackjeeves I look everyday to see if you have updated <3
This is so me XD <3
Oh God... :C That seems very familiar...
Oh god my stomache xD so damn funny...!
oh god xD this happened to me last week. The first day our dog was kind of depressed about that around his neck but the next day he just slammed it in everyone's faces (revenge maybe?)
Can't... Stop... Laughing...
Now DT looks even more like a girl :D <3
Dat 3rd panel. I wish I could draw like you <3
I wonder what she's up to... I hope they're going to battle sometime soon ~ I would like to see george's pokemon! ^w^
October 6th, 2012
Gah I love this...! >_< Just starting reading it yesterday and I'm hooked ~
One question! what do you use for your lineart? o.o it looks absolutely gorgeous.
A loveletter!? *Shot*
No, but seriously. Atty's being extremely cool and awesome, even the pikachu can attack without commands now!
My favourite page so far xD <3
Guest: It ended because sandslash got a burnt and she withdrawed? I think :3

Excuse the bad english <3

Oh... And I freakkin love this comic D8
Hahahah omg xD this is great <3
In sweden, we have books and magazines called "tjuvlyssnat", kind of like "eavesdroppning", where people send in conversations they've heard and things like that. It's hilarious.