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I tried Writing. FAILED.
I tried Sports. FAILED.
I tried Rping. FAILED.
I guess the only thing I DONT suck at is Drawing. :/
FANART is loved BTW!
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Soooo creepy. But it's so awesome! Can't wait for more!
Ugh I said i'd update this yesterday but I lied. I got home at like around six and I had school work and yada yada excuses. But it's uploaded today so enjoy. :) I had no time whatsoever to line art it and i'm sorry for that. Truly... But like I said I probably won't update till SUnday or Monday. Hopefully this weekend will help me relax more.
It's back up yess can't wait to see more.
Yess I know. :( Lol finally.
September 7th, 2010
Oooh this looks good already.
Say it don't spray it!
Yess lost a fan! That will add on to my crappy day. :D
Ugh we all have shitty days I suppose sometimes you lose a fan so it's alright I guess...

Btw the new banner reminds me of fruitty pebbles. Yum. :P Oh man. I really hate how I paint. I need to (dare I say) line art this. But I hate it soooo much. But i'll do it for you guys. Lol. Anyways enjoy cause tommorow I had something planned but now it's ruined so I guess i'll make another page. But after that I won't update till Sunday or Monday.
Those aren't the maaagic words <3 Aw man Tobi wrong words to sat against three to one.
You may now laugh at my side face. Lol. Btw I love brushes. You have no ideaaaa. Lol.
I decided to restart since some people suggested I should. But this time! I promise to update at least twice a week and hopefully my art has improved and I smooth out the storyline better. Again, I'm sorry for the neglence this comic has faced for two years and I hope you guys aren't to mad at me. :T But I will have the chapter up and page one up by today!
Again FOLKS this is a Rated M comic that means there will be drug reference (Don't do drugs lol), gore, and disorders. also lots of things that are in the background of this cover is related to the comic. Look closely and observe!
Wow, love the coloring. <3 I'm faving fer sure.
4th and 5th panel= Pure Win. That's too funny. Lol.
Omg, you ,like, update everyday! How do you do that!? I'd be so stressed out from doing that. D:
Haha, Liam is so cool, at least he gives out better love advice than i'd ever hope to do.
Haha, in the third panel, Liams teeth reminds me of candy corn. <3
I love this comic. :]
I read this whole thing and fell in love with your expressions, and the plot of course.