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Yo Yo, I'm Weaved, but I guess you can call me Lynn? Fuck my first name, lets go with my middle-name that no one knows, Lynn! xD No, honestly, even in the school they know not of my middle name.. -snorts happily-

Oh, and I'm finally getting my shit back together, so I'll actually try to get to work on the comics I have, and hopefully will be in. owo;

Fuck, Gore gives me a boner now. xD .. Is this wrong..? o3o;


Also, I have no computer with a tablet now, so I won't be updating anything for quite awhile. Then again, like anyone cares. Sucky artist sucks~
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.. The bear just has a pathetic creator.
Though honestly, the bear would also just tell him to walk it off like the ass he is. ;w;

WHYYY must you people make, like, awesome creative pages? xc -shot-
I would so tap that~ -shotshotshotshotshot-
.. -total epic glomp rape- |D;;
Pfft, I envy how you draw heads. xD
...... And hands. owo;
.. Nice. xD
HomoEric would kiss that~! o3o -shot repeatedly- ... I am joking about that by the way. xD

I dunt want it to die either! ;^;
.. Cain's expressions are pure win, by the way. ^^;
March 28th, 2010
Ahaha, the 3rd panel is looooove~! xD
.. Saw is beautiful, by the way. ;n;
;w; I like the humor in this comic, and the art is very nice! I don't want to read a comic if all it is is smut. Dx -shot- If people want to read straight up porn, there are several other comics with much more butt sex. o3o;

.. Btw, I love Eila's expression in the first panel. x3 Her comments are also.. Pleasant. x3
March 20th, 2010
.. Did he get drunk? D= .. If so, will he be taken advantaged by the oh-so-glamorous Alex? x3
March 17th, 2010
Some people really need to update. o3o .. Pfft, anyways.. If you haven't noticed, my little fuck face named Adam got a new look. -shot- NO MAJOR CHANGE AT LEAST! D=

Also, I'm probably not going to update for awhile.. Or until I find a way to stop trying to make myself bleed every time I see something sharp or want to tie a noose around my neck. HAHA, I'M SO LAME~!

Hoho, and would you look at this.. I FOUND A WAY TO USE MY FAVORITE ART PROGRAM! x3
Pfft, Imma roll on out of here now.
March 17th, 2010
He sounds awesome~! x3 I.. Personally like him already. |D;;
W-Wait, never mind, I can't. |D;; Sorry. ;^;
March 11th, 2010
... I strangely love this page. |D;;

The blood really is darker now. =o Bright red is awesomer~ -shot repeatedly-
Pfft, I thought he'd end that with 'Crazy' or something. xD

Great comic, by the way! 8D
I can tell you this about SAI: Once you get use to it, it seems to be one of the best lineart programs. owo; .. Or, in my opinion, at least. xD It makes linearts so neat~

Also, I don't think this page is crap. D= Simple, but not crap. ^^;
March 1st, 2010
Hehe, she sounds interesting. x3 I like her hair. |D;
This is really cute. x3
This ended really sweet. x3 Why does your art/storyness have to be so good? ;A;
He's wondering where the feather came from. Yeah, this has nothing to do with anything, but I really don't feel like drawing a comic.. -is lazy-

The thing on his stitched eye? The reason why it had to be closed in the first place. |D;; It has a thing on the inside that connects with his eye itself. He tried to take it out one day, and proceeded to rip his eye out.

I might color this later. C= Until then.. Enjoy the blandness. xD

OH! I've been obsessing over this song recently. ;^; :

I hope this collab doesn't completely die. |D;;
Eh, I'm probably gonna stop drawing and just watch after this Collab. God knows that my art is unneeded with all of these great artists that have joined~!
I'm sorry. Dx I'm really not use to drawing now~ |D;; .. If that is not obvious enough. ;^;
Sorry for ruining both of your characters.. |D;;

I mostly drew this just to let everyone know I'm not dead. 'orz

ALSO, it's sketchier then what I'm use to because the art program I'm use to using won't work.

Pfft, can you tell that I fail at drawing females?