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I have made a new account so I wont be on Linny125 anymore but I still have all my comics just my new account added to them!
Sure ^_^ Just send an application or I'll send you one!
No offence or anything but I laike this one better than his other sheet and style ^_^
No offence or anything but I laike this one better than his other sheet ^_^
Nice Sprites Aero ^_^
Yeah.. but Remmy said on MSN that she'd probably be a zombie o.e
Nuuu, Im not tehh friend :D!!
Oh well..
Wait a second.. THIS IS MY MEME o.e!
Me: Oh haii Venom!
Venom: Oh hi, you know Lug is a girl right?
Me: Omfg seriously? This is hell funny! That is so totally retarted *laughs*
*looks up to see Venom sprinting off*
Me: Whats your problem Ven- GONNNNGGGG!!!
Me: I hate you sooo much..
Lug: Meh
*curls up at Aero's feet and falls asleep*
*crawls onto Aero's back*
Whey Hey, Im in your avvie ^__^
Okie DOkie Thenz, thankyou ^__^
Nuuu Aero ;_;
Cos it can getz boring wit one character after a while (well thats what I think..)

Thankyou Warrrehhhhhhhhhh!
lulz you can go ahead and do it if you laiike ^__^
-tags Lug-
Mwuahahahahahahaa -nomz-
I no aye?
did you make those polly2 or did someone make them for youu =]?
either 2 or 4,
But I like 4 better ^___^
Oh wait..thats not fair on two
*waves arms in air*
I can't decide they are both so awesome ^_____^
MOooooooooooooo..when is the next plot going to begin :3?
Also what am I cameoing for o.e?
And also that comic left me laughing so much that I choked on mehh chuddie >_<
Its like looking at each other like (kiss me now) sorta thing then relisation its boy and boy, erlackk!! XD
Meh i just added chibi eyes and young linny's ^_____^