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Wow, I love your colouring!
Reminds me of Kyo and Tohru from Fruits Basket :D
You know, you should get this published. It's definitely professional enough to be!
She's called Ophelia? After Ophelia from "Hamlet"?

I like this page, going to fave this comic (:
I really like this comic so far, adding to my favourites!
I just spotted a typo... "talkng" in the 5th panel.
But anyway, so many mysteries on this page! I wonder what Bailey did to save Jing's life? Does Jing like Bailey? And does Xin hate Jing for liking Bailey?!? O:
Wow, this comic is amazing! I love the story and the artwork. The only thing I can think of that needs improving is the grammatical errors. Maybe you could get someone to read through and correct them to make it easier to read.

You should get this published!
I already hate her! But it's a nice idea to have her looking at her reflection to show how vain she is.
The last panel is SO funny!

I can actually imagine an Alternate animated series now.
Hehe I love it, hilarious!
I wanted to try the writing contest but... I guess I'm a little bit late! Maybe next time?
I really like this comic, it's hilarious! One of the other things I like about it so much is that the dialogue is always so well-written and it's clear what the characters mean. It's kind of hard to explain, but it irritates me when bad grammar gets in the way of a story. Anyway, keep drawing, I love this comic :)
This is one of my favourite pages, it made me laugh so much!
The last panel is amazing!
haha, that made me laugh! :D
I like how her hair's gone kind of wavy after the rain :)
The backgrounds in your comic are so pretty!
This is so like me trying to do my statistics homework! I love his expression in the third panel, and it's like his hair's gone grey from being so bored.
lol! Broadway here I come? Awesomeness :)
Does she mean literally or metaphorically? :p

Edit: this is Hannah, I forgot to say when I posted :)