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I like elks and dandelions. ' u '
Uh, the beginning is kind of slow, really, so as a bonus, a few more pages. Please enjoy the continuation of Lazy Snow Leopard's adventures! ♥
Thank you for your support!
End of chapter 8!
@Momo: I can't say at this point, because it's a spoiler, sorry. >_<;;;
@Guest: His own "faith-power" comes back to himself, so nothing happens in the end.
Today I've read through a lot of New Year's resolutions by my friends and some artists I follow, and they all went: "I will do my best!", "I will do my best!", "I will do my very beest!", "This year I will work even harder than the last one", "Let's hope this year is a more productive one", etc.

As such, I would like to wish you a very lazy New Year. I hope you won't try your best all the time. I hope you will cut yourself some slack. And relax. And maybe do something just for yourself. ❤ Take care!
Merry Christmas, everyone!! <3

Or if you don't celelbrate it - I hope you just have a lovely day. <3 I've decided Tapastic will go faster with up-dates than Smack Jeeves. But I hope Smack Jeeves will have more regular up-dates now. :3
I've just remembered that I didn't post this anywhere, and this is probably the only reference for the neko mimi witch in existence. xD'
Violet hair and yellow eyes with pink sparkles in them.
Bigger version here:
I think this was never submitted here?
I thought I would add some old artwork here.
Sorry for the sudden up-date, even though there are no more pages here yet. ;;;
@Shadow James: A few more pages are somewhere in my old files, but I would have to look for them and they're not in the right order, I think.
You've all waited a long time for that "HAA-!". xD Sorry. <3'' Thank you for waiting, finally some new pages will be here~ : D
@Aicent: Let me share the secret - it's the fans. ; D And their comments. If someone writes you a nice comment and says they want to read more - you'd usually want to draw more (if time and money allow it, at least).
@Golb989: Yui said she's moved that you care about our comic so much to complain! <D Thank you. <3
It's a good day to start uploading again. : D
I will try to make the up-dates once a week, on Friday evenings this time. ♥
@Golb989 Yeah, my script writer is doing other stuff. xD You can try to bug her a little about it and maybe she will write another chapter...? : D
Magical boy~! xD
@nglrocks07: >: D Hohoho~! (Very.)