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I like elks and dandelions. ' u '
You've all waited a long time for that "HAA-!". xD Sorry. <3'' Thank you for waiting, finally some new pages will be here~ : D
@Aicent: Let me share the secret - it's the fans. ; D And their comments. If someone writes you a nice comment and says they want to read more - you'd usually want to draw more (if time and money allow it, at least).
@Golb989: Yui said she's moved that you care about our comic so much to complain! <D Thank you. <3
It's a good day to start uploading again. : D
I will try to make the up-dates once a week, on Friday evenings this time. ♥
@Golb989 Yeah, my script writer is doing other stuff. xD You can try to bug her a little about it and maybe she will write another chapter...? : D
Magical boy~! xD
@nglrocks07: >: D Hohoho~! (Very.)
Thank you so much for waiting. <3 I'm still not perfectly fine, but I will try to go on with the up-dates, somehow.
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Right... Sorry, I was ill. v_v''' But you can always check on Patreon if there are any new pages: I'm just slow at uploading them after the illness. ;;;; I think I will start again today, since it's a Monday~! \o/
I got motivated by my friends today to finish this page. <3
I don't know how the up-dates will go this week though. In case I disappear around Wednesday - let me tell you I'm sorry. I will be on a convention in Warsaw and might get on a small hiatus. <3'''
Take care!
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Ehh? It's longer. O_O' I mean, it's still the flashback?
Start of chapter 8!
End of chapter 7.
Thank you for reading!

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Thank you!
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I'm setting up the comic to be up-dated at specific times. I've actually uploaded both pages at 7:40. :P
And yes, Black Panther is in big trouble now. =u=
@Shaede The Black Eevee: It wasn't intentional, I really didn't have enough time to finish new pages before leaving. ;3;''' But they're up now~! <3' Thank you for waiting. <D
@_@ Finally back to the up-dates!
I'm sorry for the delay, I got sick after getting back from Polymanga and before I simply had too much to do to be able to finish the comic on time. But I'm back and I will try to sail through the coming up events without any more breaks in the up-dates. We will see how it goes in reality.
No up-date tomorrow. v3v' (I have a deadline for another comic, haha. ;;;; )