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@Shaede The Black Eevee: Ehh? It's longer. O_O' I mean, it's still the flashback?
Start of chapter 8!
End of chapter 7.
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Thank you so much for your continued support of the "Lazy Snow Leopard"! <3 I feel like I'm not very good at drawing darker themes and as such, this comic might turn out not quite how I've planned it. Especially the character of Noi. At first he was supposed to be all smiles till the very end when he finally falls down with his disappointment, betrayed hopes and final disillusion. Not being able to take any more shit Snow Leopard throws his way, while not noticing his good points at all.

But I thought it would be too much if he suddenly just got angry without an explanation. So I've put some hints along the way. But as a result it seems like he's getting mood swings, which was not my intention. Maybe it would have looked better if he was smiling till the very end after all.

Nonetheless, what I wanted to say is, I'm sorry if you've had high hopes for this comic and it will disappoint you. Till the end, it is a training comic for me, to polish up my skills. Which, I do realise, are very lacking. But a wise man once said: "Draw a comic that you like. You will have at least one fan. Yourself". So I think I will stay true to this rule and just do the best I can right now, without worring that it is not perfect and that it could have been so much better. And I do hope that some of you will still like it. <3

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