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I like elks and dandelions. ' u '
End of chapter 9.

EDIT: You can see the next few pages ahead of everyone on my Patreon: for just 1$ a month. Thank you so much for considering helping me create more comics. <3 /EDIT

Next page... when I draw it. xD Or rather, when I edit it, since it's been drawn for quite some time now, actually!

For now, please enjoy the newly up-dated fanarts section: :3
Aaaa. >A<'
Aaa, sorry, I'm late again. ;;; A lot has happened. I know I've promised no hiatus and I really did intend to start drawing it again a few weeks ago, but stuff happened. >w<''' Mostly health stuff. But I'm much better now and I hope I will be back to drawing comics soon!
Maybe just not today.
It's late.

@SoulRaider116: Whaa---? Is this how it reads? XD' Whoops, he was supposed to be killing the other monsters. I should have drawn some more of them in those panels instead of just the sound effects, uh. >w<;;;
@lucidfairy: Thank you. <D
And we come back to regular up-dates, I hope. : D
Here we go now~
Ahhh, I see I got behind again. I'm so sorry, my life was very frantic lately. @_@''' Time to get back on the schedule~! <3
@Guest: Err. Nevermind, it's metaphorical anyway. xD
Arghh, late again, I'm so sorry! ;;; My life is hectic lately.

From other news: WWF is helping rescue those beautiful Snow Leopards. <3 And you can adopt one, squueee! >v</// I've recently joined their ranks as a donator too. Since I'm working instead of drawing a comic, at least I will try to help the animals. xD
Argh, again, I'm late. ;; I'm so sorry. Here it is! \ o /
@boiseboo: ... I could totally make it in omake, hm. +u+ xD
@SomeTimesCreativeComics: If you forget them, then yes. But since there's always someone browsing through the old stuff - it's not like they disappear immediately - they just become very weak at first.
@BananaUhl: Pfft. xD

PS. Good kids don't throw rocks at animals, yes? Yes. v_v
@boiseboo: XDDD That would be too convenient - of course they have to go through some trouble to find him! ;3

But a map god... *considers it seriously* Yess, that would be a great character. +v+ Nyahaha!---*ekhum* Well, next time. :D
@Noistorm: Aww, thank you! <D I was really worried if the idea with using "Lion King" in the comic wasn't too simple, so I'm very happy you've enjoyed it. :D
And yes, there are still people believing in snow leopards on Earth, so he wasn't in any imminent danger... or was he?? >:]
Aaa, sorry, I forgot. ;;;; Here it is! \ o /
Uh, the beginning is kind of slow, really, so as a bonus, a few more pages. Please enjoy the continuation of Lazy Snow Leopard's adventures! ♥
Thank you for your support!
End of chapter 8!
@Momo: I can't say at this point, because it's a spoiler, sorry. >_<;;;