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I'm... really not sure what happened at the top right.

Read order is left column then right column, I'm assuming?
Oh, nice to see this update again! If by "something new" you mean the last panel, I think it works well to emphasize that he's thinking.
Nearly forgot about this, and now I show up to find it's just been updated.
Nice! Though, I'm honestly not sure what's happening in the top panel...
I like how the bridge or scaffold or whatever fell with him...
The end of the beginning
And this is the end of the chapter. I don't know when chapter 2 will start, but I'd like to shoot for September. No promises though.
Incredible, isn't it, that they managed to forget something so large? In fact, they were originally planning to tent another night, but for Peter's fast talk with the smugglers.
And they return to school (or home in the case of Jess).
Delayed reaction
And where on earth did they come from?

...I don't really have much to say about this page.
I hope this makes sense
Like the previous page, this one went through a lot of dialog change due to not making sense. I also added Jess's line in the second panel (originally she said just "Yeah!") to make it not seem as though the accusation is coming out of nowhere.
More than meets the eye
I realized recently (read: just before uploading) that this comic really does not make sense. For example, why are the girls so quick to jump to conclusions? It's difficult to explain without spoilers, so I had to make do with significant changes to the dialog. One should also consider that we're not seeing the whole story here; something significant may have happened between panels. <_<
The astute may make a connection between this page and an earlier page.
Out of place?
I know it's odd for a log cabin to exist on the Yorkshire Dales, but I liked it enough to leave it that way. Perhaps some Canadian eccentric built it. It's not too far-fetched a theory, since this comic begins in 2012 if I recall correctly (give or take a year).
Silent film?
There is little to say about this page, really. I went for a "silent film" feel here, since what's said isn't particularly important at this point.

There's an alternate version of panel 3 which I may or may not make into a wallpaper some day.
Original comment
I hadn't planned for any speech in the last panel, but given the image I just had to put something in. It certainly fits well!

And we have a glimpse of Jess's father here...
Original comment
Not much going on here, really...
Original comment
I didn't bother to put them in (I probably will at some point), but the little symbols on Peter's computer screen should be labelled:

Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue

As for Star Wars 7... who knows? I once heard a rumour that there would be 9 Star Wars movies made, but that's probably just a rumour...
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Mr Brown is not as bad as he seems. ;) :P
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Resuming updates every Sunday until I run out of pages... hopefully this will conclude Chapter 1.
Original comment
Well, smaller text font usually indicates whispering; however, that's not the case here. At some point, I gave up on cutting down the dialogue and just made it smaller. It's very important information for Peter, but it's not particularly important for the readers; trivia, really.